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Science Fiction Convention
Name: Con Amore
Dates: 1985
Frequency: once
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Type: science fiction media
Focus: science fiction, Star Trek, V
Founder: Katina Barry
Founding Date: 1985
Con Amore logo, 1985
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Con Amore was an independent science fiction media convention in Australia. Con Amore had celebrity guests and was a fan-run con, instigated by Katina Barry (who departed before the convention) and her committee, including Lorrie Boen, Hazel Dodd, Eleanor Hallewell, Heather Wright and Patricia Anderson. It was seen by some fans to rival the Conquest held each year in Queensland.

The con was held 7-10th June, 1985, at the Park Royal Hotel, Brisbane. The theme was With Enthusiasm. Guests of Honor were writer David Gerrold and actor Judson Scott (The Phoenix, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and V: The Series). Fan GoHs were Susan Clarke and Dennis Stocks.

Con Amore was the National Science Fiction Media Convention for that year and hosted the Australian Science Fiction Media Awards. The con had an advance/promotional publishing program with its fanzine series, Enchiridion.

A Sydney-based troupe of fans, the future Harpic Productions, created thematic opening and closing ceremonies in cosplay, featuring V. Attendees filled in a survey form as they entered the main hall, ticking a box for their preferred method of preparation (fried, baked, broiled, etc.). Visitors in uniform handed out jellied rats-on-sticks. The Master of Ceremonies was Strop (Ian McLean), a Visitor from the Sydney Mothership. Even the hotel's catering staff became involved, presenting a banquet with impromptu "V"-themed foods.

A successful banquet and masquerade on the Saturday night were followed by a disco.

Another highlight of the con was a live game show, Sale of the 23rd Century. The fan film version of this presentation won the inaugural ASFMA trophy for "Best Amateur Audio-Visual" at the next Natcon.