V (TV series)

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Name: V
Abbreviation(s): V
Creator: Kenneth Johnson
Date(s): 1983-1985
Medium: tv
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: wikipedia, wikipedia for the mini-series, wikipedia for V:TFB, wikipedia for the tv series, wikipedia for the 2009 remake
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V is a science fiction franchise revolving around aliens known as The Visitors who want to conquer Earth. It started as a two-part TV miniseries in 1983, then the three-part V: The Final Battle followed in 1984, and finally a weekly TV series for one season with 19 episodes in 1984-85. There also were tie-in novels and a novelization, comics (from DC as well as a Japanese manga adaptation), and videogames. Creator Kenneth Johnson also wrote an AU novel (2008), with an alternate ending for his series, called V: The Second Generation.

A series remake (2009-11) lasted two seasons and featured a cameo return by Jane Badler (as Diana), this time playing the mother of her previous alien character's analog, Anna.


Sarah "Nyssa" Groenewegen ran a small group for "V" fans when she was based in Australia.

The Australian science fiction media convention, Con Amore, was held June 7–10, 1985, in Brisbane, Queensland. One celebrity Guest of Honor was Judson Scott. He had recently completed Season One of V: The Series, as Lieutenant James. (The series was announced as axed in the US the morning Scott arrived Down Under.) A group of interstate fans, soon to be known as Harpic Productions, created opening and closing ceremonies in cosplay, using V as the theme. Attendees filled in a survey form as they entered the main hall, ticking a box for their preferred method of preparation (fried, baked, broiled, etc.). Visitors in uniform handed out jellied rats-on-sticks. The Master of Ceremonies was Strop (Ian McLean), a Visitor from the Sydney Mothership. Even the hotel's catering staff became involved, presenting a banquet with impromptu "V"-themed foods.

At 1987's Eccentricon, a skit, "Cooking with Strop", involved the selection and participation of a seemingly hapless audience member, Neil. A returning Strop proceeded to explain efficient and delicious ways To Serve Man, using the Kanamits' infamous cook book from The Twilight Zone episode. As can be seen by the photographs, the human was one Strop "had prepared earlier".



Customized action figures

In the first miniseries, some of the young human characters are shown playing with small action figures of the Visitor characters and models of their vessels. Several times over the decades, toy companies, such as LJN Toys, have announced plans to release such toys commercially - there was a 12" official figure, a blaster toy and a short-lived line of Spanish non-articulated figures - but licensing rights have proven to be elusive. In 2018, an Australian fan, Ian McLean, created his own set of customised "V" characters, using resculpted and repainted parts from existing ReAction, Funko and Big Bang Pow! figures. His online friend, Russell Meyers, made 3D-printed blasters to scale.

In 2021, Lobos Collectables Australia created a short unlicensed run of custom-carded sets of "Enemy Visitor" figures: "Visitor with human mask", "Diana with 'delicious' rat", and "V Trooper with weapon".

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