Visiting Time

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Title: Visiting Time
Publisher: Starhawk Press out of Scotland, Margaret Martin
Author(s): Rudy Gelin
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): none inside
Date(s): July 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: V/Time Tunnel
Language: English
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Visiting Time is a 48-page gen digest-sized V/Time Tunnel novel.

The characters see duplicates of themselves landing on the deck of the Titanic, but they are thrown into a devastated city instead and ponder what has happened there.

From the author:
Who can say where a moment ends and eternity begins? Man has yet to learn the secrets of time and space. He has no sense of perspective yet. Like a child staring from the window of a train speeding through the darkness, there is no indication of the rate at which he either hurtles or crawls through the void. Two men sought to unravel the temporal mysteries of our world: Tony Newman and Doug Phillips. Unfortunately, the petty affairs of politics and finance threatened to destroy this monumental quest before it had even begun. Tony Newman had no real option but to prove his work valid, and he did so in the most dramatic and impetuous manner. Hurling himself into the Time Tunnel with his friend Doug Phillips in tow, he made his point. The price was high. Despite numerous attempts to retrieve the two time travellers, they were forever flung from one end of time to another. As New England disappeared, they were once again cast into the nothingness of infinity, neither dead nor alive. For just one fraction of a second or an aeon - for it made no difference - they were thrown around and around in the turbulent winds of the endless corridors of time.