Red Dust

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Title: Red Dust
Publisher: Starlight Press and Blue Jay Press out of the UK
Date(s): 1987-
Medium: print
Fandom: V
Language: English
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Red Dust is a gen V anthology. There are at least three issues.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Glen True

Red Dust 1 was published by Starlight Press in March 1987 and contains 104 pages. Some art is reprinted from Vive La Resistance. The covers are by Glen True.

  • Editorial (2)
  • Competition (11)
  • Diana's Lament, story by Questor (12)
  • Martin, art by Barbara Fister-Liltz (14)
  • The Scaly Little Alien, story by Kyle Hanson (36)
  • Chicago, story by Kyle Hanson (64)
  • Mike Donovan, art by Frank Liltz (65)
  • Tyler, art by Barbara Hall (87)
  • Episode List (104)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Glen True

Red Dust 2 was published by Blue Jay Press in March 1989 and contains 106 pages. The covers are by Glen True.

  • Editorial (2)
  • Letters of Comment (3)
  • Memory Trip, part one, story by Lynx (5)
  • Funeral Pyre, poetry by Kyle Hanson (15)
  • Oops, story by TH (16)
  • Written in the Wind, story by Chameleon (18)
  • Wasteland, story by Ally Gater (27)
  • Tight Fit, story by TH (29)
  • Grey Skies, story by Chameleon (30)
  • Goodbyes, poetry by Chameleon (33)
  • Hidden Motive, story by John Langley (34)
  • Diary of a Tired Man, story by Kyle Hanson (43)
  • Memory Trip, part 2, story by Lynx (45)
  • Whoops, story by TH (59)
  • The Nazareth Project, story by Sal (61)
  • Chicago, the Other Side, poetry by Kyle Hanson (106)
  • art: Willis by VJ, Tyler by Ann Theroux, Diana by Frank Liltz (this last one was also in Vive La Resistance)

Issue 3

Red Dust 3