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Name: Barbara Fister-Liltz
Type: fanartist, fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Multifandom, Stargate: Atlantis, Forever Knight, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate: SG-1
URL: Barbara's Art Print Store, Archived version
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Barbara Fister-Liltz is a prolific fanartist who has created covers and interior fanart for zines in many fandoms. She has won numerous fan awards and has also done commercial art work, along with editing and publishing fanzines such as Melange. She has been attending conventions since the mid 1980s. Her husband, Frank Liltz, often worked with her on illustrating fanzines and books. Together they published under the name of Fenris House Press. In later years Barbara also published under the name of Alchemy Ink.

In 1982, she was nominated for a FanQ award and submitted the following bio to The Annual Fan Q Awards Nominations Booklet:

"Fan Clubbing - began when I was 11 with the Roger Smith FC and James Garner FC...8 years as VP of the Official Dave Clark Five FC (did a lot of traveling with them working backstage, riding in police cars, etc) ... am still staff artist for the Jerry Lacy FC after 10 years ... art director for the American Peter Cushing Club for its 10 year run ... presently art director for the Thom Christopher FC (and he's gorgeous)

Fannish Interests - Involved in DARK SHADOWS since it first began and am still involved ... staff artist and biographer for THE WORLD OF DARK SHADOWS ... staff artist and film critic for NIGHT WAVES/DARK UNIVERSE ... staff artist for PURPLE AND ORANGE and FACETS and DINDERA LOST #2

Personally - with my friend/partner Bill Hunt I'm a half of Pandora Publications (CHOSEN HAUNTS anthology, OUTLANDS anthology, various DARK SHADOWS novels and anthologies, art portfolios, music books, etc) ... on exec staff for Raven, Ltd, which publishes fannish novels, anthologies, poetry books and art portfolios - also for Raven Productions, Ltd., our video production company (first offering is a gothic anthology called "Embers" featuring fan writing, poetry and classics in the genre all visualized) ... am still on the exec committee for ShadowCon, the annual gothic horror con in LA, this is our 6th year..."


Reactions To/Reviews Of Her Work

In 1993, two members of the Peter Cushing fan club discussed the actor's reaction to Barbara's oil painting that she presented to him:

" Barb Liltz, a member of the club and talented artist -- "She can never be too successful as far as I'm concerned" -- did an oil painting of Mr. Cushing in TALES FROM THE CRYPT, and they presented it to him that day. "I remember that he sat there and he was astounded. He was without words, because he's an artist himself. He was praising her work and he was just so touched by this."

Tom cuts in. "You got the impression that he would have been very impressed had it been a stick figure drawn with crayons."

Debbie disagrees. "He was impressed with her artwork from the covers she did for the journals, and this was even better. And he was touched that we thought enough to give it to him." She's got proof to back it up. "When he did his next film, he brought the painting on the set and had the stills photographer take pictures of himself, and Freddy Francis, and the portrait, and he sent a copy to us. I think that it was nice that even that far down the line he was still touched by it."[1]

A photo of the painting can be viewed here (painting is on the far left).[2]

Her Forever Knight painting La Famille inspired Lisa Wright to write a story with the same name in 2002.

"....MWC is a media convention, with an art show that has lots of media-based artwork. And there, nestled in among the pictures of Frank and Ray and Methos and Blair and Marcus, there was a watercolor by Barbara Fister-Liltz of four adorable [Teletubbies] thingies with patches in the middle of their stomachs."[3]

Zines Published/Edited by Barbara Fister-Liltz

Barbara published under several press names, including Fenris House, Special Services Unlimited, and Pandora Publications.

Zines with Barbara Fister-Liltz's art

Sample Art