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Title: Outlands (subtitled "A Cosmic Anthology")
Publisher: Pandora Publications
Editor(s): Barbara Fister-Liltz
Date(s): 1982–1987
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Outlands (subtitled: "A Cosmic Anthology") is a gen (there is a slash story in issue #3) multimedia fanzine. It has the subtitle, "A Cosmic Anthology." It is digest-sized, and the font is very small.

These zines were "published and edited and illustrated by Barbara-Fister Liltz," and "prepared by Judith Boguslawski for Pandora Publications."

The front covers were identical but for the volume number. The back covers were all identical.

back cover of issue #1, aside from the color, all the back covers to these zines are identical

From the Submission Flyer

a submission flyer
Outlands is a new anthology series from Pandora Publications.

The series is open to any and all fiction or poetry that might be termed science fiction, fantasy, sword and sorcery, space opera, cosmic-comedy, or romance, horror, or mystery interpreted in this genre. Articles on scientific fact and speculative science are also welcomed. Fiction and poetry may incorporate existing universes such as STAR WARS, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, STAR TREK or any other media-orientated genre subject - or submissions may deal with entirely original storylines and characters. No submission will be rejected on the basis of adult situations, profanity, or sexual content. Pandora Publications will not censor submitted materials accepted for publication. Manuscripts will be edited only with the prior consultation and approval of the writers. Stories should be typed, double-spaced, on one side of the paper - though this isn't a necessity. Neatly handwritten manuscripts will be accepted. Poetry should be either typed or handwritten neatly on one side of the paper. All poetry must be titled. Submissions accompanied by illustrations will be accepted, providing the illustrations are camera-ready art - that is, art which requires no enlarging or reducing, contains no half-tones, has been rendered in black ink or similar medium, and is no larger than 7" by 9". Illustrations are not necessary for acceptance or publication. You are asked to be judicious in the number of illustrations submitted with each poem or story or article. Pandora Publications re serves the right to limit the number of illustrations per submission.

Contributors are requested to submit a brief thumbnail biographical sketch with submissions. A stamped self-ad dressed envelope must accompany all submissions if the writer or poet wishes the original returned.

Character Intimacy, Fan Speculation, and Walking a Fine Line with George Lucas

After the second Star Wars movie was released, many of the fans who shipped Han and Leia imagined their first sexual encounter happened on Bespin. See Slow Boat to Bespin for a story that had a part in the 1981 Open Letters to Star Wars Zine Publishers by Maureen Garrett.

One example of a fan's speculation is Joan Shumsky's notes for "Bespin" in "Outlands" #1:

Ever since TESB was released speculation among fen has run rampant... did they or didn't they...and, if they did, WHEN, WHERE AND HOW??? The conjectures provide enough material for at least 10 doctoral dissertations! This has become the most asked question since everyone wanted to know "Who shot J.R.?"

My pet theory, however, is that "IT" did not happen aboard the Falcon, but on Bespin! Think about it...Han and Leia endured countless harrowing experiences from the time the Imperial Forces discovered the base until they made their escape amidst Vader's garbage. I think you'll agree that by this time they were pretty much wrung out...emotionally, as well as physically and however tempting an evening of "fun and games" might seem, what they really needed was a good night's sleep...alone!

Further, in a galaxy where space travel is so common, I think time is relative. Without the aid of a hyperdrive system, one day might be considered a "long" trip. I therefore postulate that it took them no more than two standard days to reach Bespin. What follows then is my version of WHEN, WHERE AND HOW "IT" happened...that is, if our travellers had arrived at the Cloud City at dusk...instead of at dawn.

Issue 1

Outlands 1 was published in spring 1982 and contains 44 pages.

cover of issue #1
sample page from issue #1

The editor's acknowledgement: "For the men of my fantasies, who make my life a little more real: Apollo, Boomer, Dallas, Deckard, Foster, Francis, Han, Hawk, Indy, Lowell, O'Neil, Snake, Starbuck, Superman and most of all, Zed.... For the men of my life, who've made reality as beautiful as any fantasy: Alan, Bill, Geoffrey, Robert, Thom, and for you, Frank... With all my love."

From the editorial:

This is not a fantasy. It's something very real and wonderful that I had a small hand in bringing to you. Contained between the covers are, however, a lot of fantasies...and dreams...and flights of imagination...and memories of the distant fantastic past, all interwoven into a cosmic tapestry of prose and poetry. I think we even managed to slip a few interstellar giggles in as well!

When this anthology first flickered like some barely visible star in the back of my mind, I had second thoughts about committing myself to what it might entail - I had nightmarish visions of mountains of manuscripts falling down around my shoulders, my little red pencil going nubby, and my mind (such as it is) eroding into a black hole. But with the reservations, the fantasies persevered - all those delicious, exciting stories and imaginings of Zed breaking through the Vortex...Dallas, alone in the shuttle, quiet with classical music... Starbuck, breathless and grinning, trying to elude another ravenous female...Hawk, majestic and regal, silent in dignity, beside his Koori...Indy, whiskered face aglow in rapture, as the sunlight strikes its mark in the Map Room... Marshal O'Neil, stalwart and honest, seeking out the bad guys on Io...a girl's best playground is her fantasies. Somewhere along this dreamlike route, the idea for the anthology resurfaced (I imagine it was the lure of peeking into other fantasies and dreams that kept urging me on...that and my dear friend Bill Hunt's gentle nudgings). I managed, quite deftly I have to admit, to wheedle a hell of an impressive logo from my roommate Frank Liltz {he's a sucker for my beef stroganoff) and to finally compose the flyer, throwing together the elements to make the proper invitation for submissions. OUTLANDS was open for business. That was the rough part. No, really, it was! I can only attest my good fortune with this book to the planetary influences shining on me and the blessings of the gods showering me. I also suspect a dabble or two of Druid magick helping along. Anyhow, the stories and poems submitted are all little gems, to my thinking. Each is a small treasure of imagination, creativity, style, research, and talent. I have been lucky enough to have been gifted with offerings by some of the finest, most talented young minds I've come to know, all drawn together by a common love for this fantastic genre. The submissions you will read here have been edited with a most gentle and light touch. To be truthful, while I'd anticipated hours of red-penciling and rewrites, the pieces given to me were of such high quality that to tamper too much with them would have been punishable with hard labour at the Kessel spice mines for an indefinite period of time...

Consider this your starship: you can travel wherever your mind wills, you can take along beings and characters imagined and already created in the media - and you can take all of us with you too -- fellow travellers in space and time, we have no boundaries and are totally free... Remember - the only limitations are those of dreams and imaginations.

  • Rider to Kessel, poem by Maria Barboasa (Star Wars) (6)
  • Frozen Fate, poem by Maria Barbosa (Star Wars) (7)
  • Must Exit, story by Jean Graham (original science fictionfusion with The Twilight Zone) (8)
  • The Bushmaster, story by Susan Henderson (original science fiction fusion with Altered States) (12)
  • I Thought You Were Dead..., story by Marj Ihssen (Escape to New York) (16)
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know, article about Stonehenge by Joy Harrison (20)
  • Advice, story by Marcia Brin (original science fiction) (30)
  • Bespin, story by Joan Shumsky (Star Wars) (33) (PG-13, fade-to-black sex scene)
  • "...Aseen Lochar...", poem by Joan Shumsky (Star Wars) (41)
  • Leia is Waiting, poem by Joan Shumsky (Star Wars) (42)

Issue 2

Outlands 2 was published in fall 1982 and contains 44 pages.

cover of issue #2
sample page from issue #2

From the editorial:

[The entries for issue #2] are seasonal in many ways.

While trying to sort out the order the poetry and stories would take in this second volume of our anthology, I was immediately struck by the fact that each had the flavour of a season about it, either in feelings or emotions, in the topic, or the actual time of year. It was especially gratifying for me to be able to present the enclosed delights from some extremely gifted people as a complete cycle of seasons: spring giving way to summer, summer languishing into autumn, autumn dying into winter, winter giving birth to spring. A sense of completion, of whole-ness--wonderful! To echo what I said when prologuing the first edition of OUTLANDS, I've been very fortunate—the Lords of Kobol are watching out for this mortal, that's for sure.

In spring with the advent of the first issue, I advised you to consider this your starship, and happily, some bright and creative people took up that invitation and have guaranteed you some terrific reading, some excellent food for thought—regardless of your mood, the state of the world or your affairs, or the weather outside your mundane little window. Sadly, I must report that once again OUTLANDS has resulted in an all-female crew on this venture. Anyone who knows me, knows my strong feminist commitment, but more so, I've always been strong on people power-that, well, maybe just a comp. copy of the anthology and some editorial stroking, but still and all, really, fellas, OUTLANDS is looking for a few good men—so let's hit those typewriters and start writing already! I expect some masculine contributions when OUTLANDS III debuts next spring. I have it on the best authority (don't ask who) that men have some terrific fantasies. I think you ought to package those otherworldly dreams and imaginings and share them with the rest of us. End of editorial comment.'s people liberation— so where in Hades have all you male-types scurried off to when I'm offering you some paper and space? Men, I'm disappointed in you. This was your second chance at fame, prestige...

  • A Proper Honeymoon, story by Joan Shumsky (Star Wars) (5)
  • Phoenix Rising, poem by Kathy Resch (original science fiction) (20)
  • The T’ang War, story by Pat Hailey (original science fiction) (21)
  • The Cave, story by Karen Bates (Buck Rogers) (27)
  • A Cold Wind from the North, story by Virginia Waldron (fantasy) (32)
  • Loss, story by Marcia Brin (Star Wars) (43)

Issue 3

Outlands 3 was published in spring 1983 and contains 44 pages. It contains a slash story.

cover of issue #3
sample page from issue #3, first page of "Cat Games"

The editor dedicates this issue to Vicki, "For all the right reasons... a lot of silly ones... more than likely some really naughty ones. And because she appreciates good fantasies, beautiful men, and the fine art of lusting... just like me."

  • Meeting in L.A., story by Virginia Waldron (Blade Runner/Outland) (5)
  • Regrets, poem by Mary Jean Holmes (Star Wars) (14)
  • Vader, poem by Mary Jean Holmes (Star Wars) (15)
  • Chewie 'n Me, poem by Mary Jean Holmes (Star Wars) (15)
  • A Matter of Time, story by Mary Turner (Battlestar Galactica, non-con) (16)
  • Cat Games, story by Jon R. Mac Kenzie (original science fiction with a m/m pairing) (22)
  • Darkseid in the Glass Eye, story by Kenneth J. Bussanmas (original science fiction), note: the title is incorrectly spelled as "Darseid," this story is continued in issue #6) (26)
  • Goodbye, Greedo, story by Pat Hailey (Star Wars) (32)
  • Golgotha, story by Marj Ihssen (original fiction) (36)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4
sample page from issue #4

Outlands 4 was published in fall 1983, contains 36 pages, and was edited by Barbara Fister-Liltz.

From the editor's dedication: "For Pat.... because I know you deserve, on a more professional level, everything we've practiced here."

  • Reassurances, poem by Kathry Agel (Star Wars) (6)
  • Old Love, poem by Kathry Agel (Star Wars) (6)
  • Cats are Patient, story by Jean Graham (original science fiction) (7)
  • Warrior of the Night, story by James Myers (original science fiction) (12)
  • Cosmos, poem by Jean Stevenson (original science fiction) (16)
  • Heart Holder, story by Pat Hailey (original science fiction) (17)
  • Repairs, story by Mary Tuner (Battlestar Galactica) (22)
  • Forgetting, story by Karen Bates (Indiana Jones) (28)

Issue 5

Outlands 5 was published in spring 1984 and contains 48 pages.

cover of issue #5
sample page from issue #5, for the X-Men story
  • Orient, poem by Jean Stevenson (original fantasy) (6)
  • Occident, poem by Jean Stevenson (original fantasy) (7)
  • The Waiting Game, story Kathryn Agel (part of Starbird's Children Universe) (Star Wars) (8)
  • Hubletov's Man, story by Jean Graham (original science fiction) (14)
  • All That's Bright Must Fade, story by Cheri Tripp (X-Men) (18)
  • The Temple of Cosoura, story by Pat Hailey (original science fiction) (25)
  • Twilight of the Jedi, story by Jon R. McKenzie (yes, spelled differently than in a previous issue) (Star Wars) (31)
  • No Survivors, story by Virginia Waldron (original science fiction) (42)
  • Sole Survivor, poem by Susan Frankel (original science fiction) (47)
  • Cursed Halo, poem by Susan Frankel (original science fiction) (47)
  • Her Origin was Arizona, poem by Susan Frankel (original science fiction) (47)

Issue 6

Outlands 6 was published in fall 1984 and contains 52 pages.

cover of issue #6
sample page from issue #6

From the editorial:

Thank you, one and all, for this third year of Outlands. It hardly seems possible, but here we are again, enjoying some familiar and new names to our writing staff. The quality of material continues to amaze and delight me -- and you too, I'm sure! If there's anything special you think would enhance us, please let us know. We're a project of many talents and many minds and hands, including yours, dear readers.

  • Academic Banners, story by Mary Turner (Battlestar Galactica) (5)
  • The Mutant Earth, part two: The Whispering Sands, story by Ken Bussanmas (While his story in a previous issue wasn't labeled as part one, this is a sequel to "Darkseid in the Glass Eye" in issue #3) (14)
  • Demon in Darkness, story by Cheri Tripp (X-Men) (19)
  • The Dying of the Light, story by Marcia Brin (original science fiction) (36)
  • Warrior's Desire, story by Pat Hailey (Battlestar Galactica) (39)
  • Future Possibilities, story by Meghan Powell-Nivling (Dark Shadows in space, an original science fiction fusion) (46)
  • "I Know I'm Human", The Final Thoughts of R.J. Macready, poem by William J. Hunt (The Thing) (49)

Issue 7

Outlands 7 was published in 1985 and contains 32 pages.

cover of issue #7

From the editorial:

Welcome to the seventh edition of OUTLANDS -- welcome to Springtime and to our new format!

We've been repeatedly asked to include a table of contents in our books and by decision of all of the editors of Pandora Publications, we're going to begin re-designing the format of our continuing anthologies, adding tables of contents, trimming back introductions, add ing additional fiction and poetry, changing the 'looks' of illustrations and, in general, brightening and freshening what we offer you.

For OUTLANDS we're adding the frontispiece listing of contents, making it easy to deter mine the stories and poems and authors, in addition to crediting the media sources of these creations wherever it applies. We're also going to eliminate the lengthy introductions (after all, our contributors say so much more eloquently what your editor fumbles to say!), and we're adding simplified biographies at the conclusion of the volume. We hope these alterations will enhance your pleasure of the wonderful and wondrous bits of prose and poetry sandwiched between our pretty covers.

  • Prologue, editorial (2)
  • Ballad of the U.S. Post Awful, filk by Jacqueline Taero (to the tune of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald") (3)
  • Return, poem by Lynne Terry-Hicks (King Arthur's Camelot) (4)
  • The Port of New Denver, fiction by Elizabeth Boerger (original science fiction) (5)
  • The Two 'O'Clock Feeding, poem by Barbara Brayton (Star Wars/Return of the Jedi) (10)
  • Once Burned, fiction by Kathryn Agel (part of Starbird's Children Universe) (Star Wars) (11)
  • Han Solo, poem by Beth M. Lentz (Star Wars) (12)
  • Leia's Song, poem by Beth M. Lentz (Star Wars) (12)
  • Sunlit Spacer, poem by Beth M. Lentz (Star Wars) (13)
  • 'Twas the Night Before Plak Tow, poem by Beth M. Lentz (Star Trek: TOS) (13
  • Letting Go, fiction by Mary Turner (Battlestar Galactica) (14)
  • Reflections, poem by Bobbie Klimovich (Buck Rogers/Hawk) (21)
  • Bittersweet, poem by Bobbie Klimovich (Buck Rogers/Hawk) (21)
  • Water and Sand, poem by Jean L. Stevenson (Star Trek: TOS, Spock and T'Pring) (23)
  • Transcendency, poem by Jean L. Stevenson (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) (23)
  • To the Honored One, poem by Jean L. Stevenson (Star Trek: TOS, Spock and Miramanee) (24)
  • Betrayal, poem by Jean L. Stevenson (Star Trek: TOS) (24)
  • Temptations, fiction by Lorraine J.A. Goodison (Buck Rogers/Hawk) (25)
  • Author Biographies (31)

Issue 8

Outlands 8 was published in 1985 and contains 48 pages.

cover of issue #8

It has art by Barbara Fister-Liltz and Frank Liltz.

  • Fascination, poem by Suzi Bonebrake (Star Wars) (2)
  • Dear Brother, poem by Suzi Bondbrake (Star Wars) (3)
  • The Rituals of Justice by Elizabeth Boerger (original science fiction (4)
  • Letter, poem by Patricia Pilbeam (Buck Rogers/Hawk) (9))
  • Two-Spear's Madness by Lorraine Goodison (Elfquest) (10)
  • The End of the Story by Kenneth J. Bussanmas (Starman) (14)
  • A Voice of Hope, poem by Carol Mel Ambassador (Doctor Who) (15)
  • Time Lord's Roulette, poem by Carol Mel Ambassador (Doctor Who) (15)
  • Homeworld Allegiance, poem by CarolMel Ambassador (original science fiction) (16)
  • Return of the Snake by Marj Ihssen (Escape from New York) (17)
  • Silkie by A.S. Lawrence (mythical fantasy) (42)

Issue 9

Outlands 9 was published in 1986 and contains 44 pages.

front cover of issue #9

The art is by Allison Williams.

  • The Challenger, a memorium for the crew of the shuttle by Pat Pilbeam (2)
  • The Weakest Link by Diane Farnsworth Kachmar (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) (3)
  • Going Fishing by Porter L. Peadan III (Elfquest) (15)
  • Art Portfolio of Fantasy Images by Allison Williams (16)
  • The Quality of Mercy by Debbie Coyne (Star Wars) (22)
  • "I Need" and "You My Love", poems by Kathryn Agel (28)
  • The Other Half by Elizabeth Jo Boerger (Star Trek: TOS) (29)
  • A Time Too Brief poem by Carol Mel Ambassador (Star Trek: TOS) (31)
  • A Wraithsong Has No Words to Sing by Jean Graham (original science fiction) (32)
  • Dragonslayer: An Epilogue by Matthew Whitney (Dragonslayer) (38)
  • In the Heat of the Night poem by Patricia Lundberg (original fantasy) (44)

Issue 10

front cover of issue #10
back cover of issue #10

Outlands 10 was published in 1987 and contains 44 pages.

The art is by Barbara Fisher-Liltz, Joy Harrison, Leah Rosenthal, Ronee Henderson, and Patrica C. Lundberg.

  • Dedication (2)
  • Prologue (3)
  • The Scars of Mankind, fiction by Virginia Waldron (original fiction) (4)
  • An Art Portfolio of Fantasy Images by Ronee Henderson (10)
  • Patterns of the a Fall, poem by Teresa Sarick (Dragonriders of Pern) (13)
  • Flashing Blades, poem by Teresa Sarick (Wizards and Warriors) (14)
  • Bonk the 7, a Bizarro Seven story by Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham (Blake's 7) (15)
  • To Hawk and Always, Koori, two poems by Kim S. Kropp (Buck Rogers/Hawk) (19)
  • An Art Portfolio of Fantasy Images by Patricia C. Lundberg (20)
  • For Fortune and Glory, fiction by Joy Harrison (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) (23)
  • Dragon Prince, poem by Julie Lucas (fantasy) (41)
  • Just a Little Time Out, fiction by Elaine Moertl (original fiction) (42)
  • Notice Serviced, fiction by Elaine Moertl (original fiction) (43)
  • Next of Kin, fiction by Elaine Moertl (original fiction) (43)