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Title: Eclectic
Publisher: Pandora Publications/Krystarion Press
Editor(s): Barbara Fister-Liltz
Type: art
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print
Size: 68 pages
Fandom: multimedia & Star Wars
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front cover
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Eclectic is a 68-page, digest-sized art zine. Some pieces have a very short "poetic" by Martie Benedict.

From Southern Enclave: "[Eclectic is] an all-art 68-page fanzine saluting fandom's favorite artists. This volume showcases Wanda Lybarger, Mary Stacy-MacDonald, Karen River, Suzy Sansom, Scott Rosema, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Yvonne Zan, Frank Liltz and many more. ECLECTIC also features "poetics" by Martie Benedict."

From a request for submissions in Datazine #38: "A new multimedia zine... All fandoms welcome. There are no prejudices as far as subject, but there are minimal literary standards that will be upheld. The Eclectic is intended to be a quarterly."

The Artists

  • Barbara Frances-Simon
  • Dani Lane
  • Barbara Fister-Liltz
  • Frank V. Liltz
  • Wanda Lybarger
  • Mary Stacy-MacDonald
  • Christine Mansfield
  • Karen River
  • Scott Rosema
  • Suzy Sansom
  • Nancy A. Stasulis
  • Yvonne Zan

Sample Gallery