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Title: KarlenZine
Publisher: Pendulum Press Publications
Editor(s): Mary Overstreet
Date(s): 1984, 1987, 1991-1996, 2006
Medium: print
Fandom: Dark Shadows/John Karlen
Language: English
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flyer asking for submissions: 1983

KarlenZine is a compilation of stories, artwork, poetry and more about characters John Karlen has portrayed on television and in movies.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, 1991 edition
cover of issue #1, 1984 edition

KarlenZine 1 contains 92 pages and was published in 1984 and reprinted in 1991. Its authors and artists include Judith Boguslawski, Anne Marie Erental, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Julie Overstreet, Virginia Waldron, Marcy Robin, Kathy Resch, Mary E. Overstreet, Beth Tignor, Jean Graham, Adriana Pena and others.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, 1991 edition
flyer for issue #2

KarlenZine 2 was published in 1987, and reprinted in 1991. It contains 287 pages.

The authors and artists include Virginia Waldron, Marcy Robin, Kathy Resch, Mary E. Overstreet, Meghan Powell-Nivling, Janet Meehan, Jean Graham, Anne Marie Erental and more. Most of the fiction is Dark Shadows-based. "Reformatted, this zine contains all the same stories as before and the large photo section, minus a lot of typos and misspelled words!" [1]

  • Overshadowed by Virginia Waldron (Willie Loomis is released from Wyndecliffe, but is he capable of dealing with a town full of hatred? Or the death of Maggie Evans?) (Dark Shadows)
  • Willie Takes a Walk by Bertie van Tahn ((Find out what happens when Willie discovers a side to the people of Collinsport he never expected to see…) Dark Shadows)
  • Teamwork by Marcy Robin (Carl and Quentin Collins as boys set out to prove their capabilities…) (Dark Shadows)
  • A Friend in Need by Adriann Pena (Sometimes making a mistake isn't all bad as Willie discovers when Megan Todd agrees to help him out of a jam.)
  • They Love in Shadow by Meghan Powell-Nivling (The sequel to "The Greater Gift" which was published in The World of Dark Shadows #37 wherein Philippa Chandler finds Willie and much more when she comes to Collinsport.) (Dark Shadows)
  • A Long Winter for Willie Loomis by Mary E. Overstreet (Willie struggles to keep from crumbling after a painful betrayal, then is forced to commit a betrayal of his own.) (Dark Shadows)
  • Spring by Mary E. Overstreet (A sequel to "A Long Winter for Willie Loomis". In it, Willie is thrust into another century with Barnabas, searching for answers.) (Dark Shadows)
  • Rooster in the Henhouse by Yvonne Wuchter (Harvey Lacey has taken on some suspicious appointments, much to the concern of Mary Beth.) (Cagney and Lacey)
  • thirty-nine photographs
  • other stories, poems
  • art by Anne Marie Erental, Janet Meehan, and Mary E. Overstreet

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

KarlenZine 3 contains 384 pages with 34 stories by N.J. Nidiffer, Mary E. Overstreet, C.E. Pilz, and others.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

KarlenZine 4 contains 12 poems and 27 stories by authors N.J. Nidiffer, Mary E. Overstreet, C.E. Pilz, and others. Artwork by Janet Carlson and Cherie Groves, an art gallery and a photograph section, plus many, many new pictures throughout. 321 pages, 220,750 words, full-sized, coil bound.

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

KarlenZine 5 was published in 2006 and has art and photo galleries, 29 stories, 11 poems, artwork by Cherie Groves, and Janet Carlson, and many pictures. Contributors include N.J. Nidiffer, Mary E. Overstreet, Travis Fanshawe, C.E. Pilz, and E. DeJesus. Artwork by Janet Carlson & Cherie Groves Edited by C. E. Pilz & Mary Elizabeth Overstreet 304 pages, 225,286 words, full-sized, coil bound. It debuted at the 2006 Dark Shadows Festival in NY.