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Title: Faery Tale
Publisher: Fenris House/Special Services Unlimited
Date(s): 1988-1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Faery Tale is a het Beauty and the Beast digest-sized anthology with covers by Frank V. Liltz.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1 and Issue 2

Excellent covers-portraits of Vincent and then V/C-by Frank Liltz. Despite small page count, each page is virtually double-sized- photocopied/reduced from two packed, single-spaced pages-so there's actually much good reading here if your eyes hold up. Good to great short stories spinning off 1st season. Many stories are actually “glimpses,” fragments; but all are readable and well edited. The poetry is also good. A story divided between the two volumes, “Wild Thing” by J. L. Hardin, describes an abused, female “creature-like-Vincent” seeking refuge in the tunnels, and what comes of it. In the second volume there's also an early story, “Arrival or variations on a theme,” by Lisa Swope and fiction and poetry by Kay Simon. FT 1-2 sold together for one price.[1]

Issue 1

Faery Tale 1 was published in 1988 and contains 64 pages. It contains no art.

front cover of issue #1, Frank V. Liltz
back cover of issue #1
  • LXXI by Sharon Monroe (2)
  • Her Name is Catherine by Joan B. Shumsky (18)
  • Tunnel Tales: Vincen'ts Mother by Teri Sarick (20)
  • Catherine/Vincent by Teresa Sarick (23)
  • Wild Thing, Pt. 1 by J.L. Hardin (24)
  • A Special Love by Margo L. Coburn (43)
  • Mouse: Early Years by Teri Sarick (48)
  • Tunnel Tales: Heart-Breaks by Teri Sarick (49)
  • Phantomime by William J. Hunt (50)
  • Wistful Dreams by Rene Schneider (57)
  • Dreams by Karen Bates (58)
  • The Dream by Sheila Paulson (63)
  • Appassionato by Kelly Hill (64)
  • Enclosure: First Draft Map of the Underground by Arkane

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

This zine was published right after the first season and contains only stories developed from those themes. The stories are very well-written and contain a nice mix of action, romance and hurt-comfort, with a particularly good feeling for the characters. One rather curious story has Catherine arranging for Vincent to attend a performance of 'Phantom of the Opera,' but through a series of unlikely events, he ends up on stage rather than in the audience. Readers should note that in the last story, we learn Catherine has died in a plane crash (terrorist bomb).[2]

Issue 2

Faery Tale 2 was published in 1989 and contains 76 pages.

cover of issue #2
inside pages from issue #2
  • Wild Thing, Pt. 2 by J.L. Hardin (2)
  • Wistful Dreams, poem by Rene Schneider (11)
  • Dreams and Questions by C.V. Woldow (12)
  • Laura, poem by Kay Simon (14)
  • Of Trysts and Grieg by Kay Simon (15)
  • Paracelsus, poem by Kay Simon (16)
  • Hot Summer Night by Lucy Donovan (17)
  • Narcissa, poem by Kay Simon (21)
  • Interlude by Calista Robyns (22)
  • Weave a Circle 'Round Him Thrice by Brenn Harper (29)
  • Thoughts, poem by Allegra (33)
  • Arrival by Lisa Swope (34)
  • Lifeways: An Apology, poem by Kay Simon (45)
  • Reflections by G.M. Turpin (46)
  • Phantoms by Carolyn G. Lynn (53)
  • On the Steps of St. Vincent's Hospital, poem by Teri Sarick (71)
  • Carousel of Time by Kelly Hill (72)
  • Catherine, poem by Allegra (74)
  • Excerpts from a Diary by Karen Bates (75)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

This zine is much like the first volume with the writers keeping the characters very close to what we were given on the TV screen, and many of the stories follow directly from an episode. There is one [infant Vincent] story that makes some telling points about Paracelsus and his exile from the Tunnels. It should be pointed out that the last story is a series of diary entries made by Catherine after she married Elliot to save Vincent and the Tunnels. (She never saw Vincent again.) The entries cover nearly 50 years and are very tragic and sad.[3]

'Faery tale II' has hit its stride. The stories were complex and well writtenmand the characterizations were close. It's amazing what the links with the literary world do for this show with the "Phantoms," a Scrooge offering transplanted to New York with the great line 'Let's give him the Dickens'. A story of waltzing and purring was nice, but why stop there? Karen Bates' diary of Catherine's marriage with Elliot Burch (perish the thought!) was beautifully written. Intense and grim. We could see this happening should the Brotherhood in LA keep them apart too long ... rip our hearts out again? "Wild Thing", while adequately written, exposed bestial characteristics in Vincent which I believe many would rather have not surface. Also. the idea of another like Vincent removes some of his uniqueness. his special qualities. A missing scene from the "Alchemist" episode, a short tragic story continuing the 'Lucy' character from "No Way Down". a poetic "vignette" (forgive me) detailing the missing "Grieg in the Park" scene from Happy Life", and other poetry round out the selections. Both the stories and poetry vary in their quality, but there are some good moments. I would recommend this compilation as entertaining. My heart-strings were tugged hard enough to be pleasantly haunted by at least a couple of selections, the review method used as the "goose bump" criteria by another B&TB person: if it gives goose bumps, it's good.[4]

Issue 3

Faery Tale 3 contains 76 pages and was published in 1989.

cover of issue #3, Frank V. Liltz
As with the previous volumes, this zine concentrates on Classic stories with close attention paid to the characters and stories told in the broadcast episodes. There are also two curious stories that crossover with V. Great cover by Frank Liltz.[5]

  • Spring Nocturne by Rebecca Story (2)
  • To Dream by Diana Smith (10)
  • Cavern of Light by Shadowdancer (11)
  • The Path Not Taken by Vicki Burke (12)
  • Agape by Serina (30)
  • The Alchemist: A Missing Scene by Nea Dodson (31)
  • Poetry by Nancy Gervais (33)
  • Just One Ride by Winifred McBeth (34)
  • Glimpsing Below by Sharon Wells (36)
  • A Different View by Linda Ann Mallory (38)
  • Beneath the City Streets by Teri Sarick (40)
  • Broken Wings by Stephanie Kana (41)
  • Dark Dreams by Rene Schneider (45)
  • Healing Powers by Claudia Bertrand (46)
  • Opportunity: Unlimited by Oracle (64)
  • Realization by Nancy Gervais (72)
  • To Vincent, With Love by Serina (73)
  • Shadows by Karen Bates (75)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

In this third volume, Vicki Burke's story is worth noting.[6]

Combined Issue 1/2

At some point, the first two issues were combined and sold as a single volume.


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