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Title: Jumper
Publisher: Invictus Press
Date(s): 2006-2017
Medium: print
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Language: English
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Jumper is a gen Stargate: Atlantis 6" x 9" fiction anthology, highlighting the friendship between John Sheppard and Rodney McKay.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Brate

Jumper 1 was published in 2006 and contains 122 pages.

The summaries below are from the publisher.

  • Limited Duty by Brate (When Sheppard is confined to base, no one is safe... especially McKay.) [13 pages]
  • Jaws of Death by JJJunky (Sheppard is caught in a trap, and the arriving Wraith are the least of their problems.) [15 pages]
  • Coffee Break by Jeanne R. Gold (All McKay wants is a cup of coffee. Is that too much to ask?) [5 pages]
  • Negotiate by liketheriver (When McKay is taken prisoner on an alien world, it's up the rest of his team to get him back.) [16 pages]
  • Soul of the City by K Hanna Korossy (When McKay finds a zombiefied Sheppard wandering the halls of Atlantis, he might be the only one able to save his life.) [14 pages]
  • Causality by Kodiak Bear Country (Off-world negotiations take an interesting, and not altogether pleasant, turn.) [12 pages]
  • Lost by Brate and K Hanna Korossy (Nothing ever goes off without a hitch in the Pegasus Galaxy.) [9 pages]
  • Know Thine Enemy by Jeanne R Gold (winner of a 2007 FanQ) (It's the most dangerous game, with Sheppard and McKay as the prey.) [36 pages]
  • Artwork by Brate (front cover)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Barbara Fister-Liltz

Jumper 2 was published in 2007 and contains 200 pages. The summaries below are from the publisher.

  • Mad Science by liketheriver (winner of a 2008 FanQ) (Trapped on an alien world, Sheppard and McKay aren't sure they're on the same side anymore.) [27 pages]
  • One Lost Civilian by K Hanna Korossy (After the events of "Runner," McKay vanishes from Atlantis--literally.) [16 pages]
  • Closing Two Eyes by Emrys (Sheppard and McKay are caught in a palace's cave-in . . . and that's the easiest part of their day.) [18 pages]
  • The Heart of the Matter by Kaliope (It's a milk run until the Jumper is shot down.) [23 pages]
  • The Gift of the Ancestors by Kodiak Bear Country (Sheppard and McKay are taken prisoner on another planet and are going to have to plan their own rescue.) [46 pages]
  • Seek and He Shall Hide by Brate (It is possible to be too appreciative.) [2 pages]
  • The Good Fight by Stealth Dragon (Sheppard and McKay are stuck on a hostile world. It's up to Sheppard to get them home. Trouble is, Sheppard is a wanted man . . . with amnesia.) [66 pages]
  • Artwork by Barbara Fister-Liltz (front cover)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[The Good Fight]:

Issue 3

Jumper 3 was published in May 2010 and contains 143 pages.

cover of issue #3
  • Something More by Frisco/Wildcat88 (It's just one thing after another when you live in the Pegasus Galaxy.) (1)
  • A Day in the Life of Hindsight by Stealth Dragon (Rodney needs the help of a recently injured Sheppard. What could go wrong?) (24)
  • Performance Appraisals by Blue Abyss (Judge not let ye be judged. Yearly.) (39)
  • Four Times Five is Twelve by Emrys (Will John and Rodney be able to find their way home when they find themselves on a topsy-turvy world?) (44)
  • Dangling Participles by Liketheriver (This isn't what they meant by "hanging around.") (68)
  • No Place to be Sick by JJJunky (Atlantis is suffering from glitches and it's up to Rodney to find the cause.) (89)
  • Rodney's Rest by Blue Abyss (Rodney needed a day off, but this wasn't what he had in mind.) (100)
  • Tinker to Evers to Chance by Brate (Alternate reality: the Atlantis characters are members of a major league ball club.) (116)
  • If You're Going to San Francisco by Auburn (John and Rodney take a trip through time after an Ancient mishap.) 120)
  • End Notes by Editors (143)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Jumper 4 was published in May 2011 and contains 180 pages.

  • Red Flag by liketheriver (Attacked by "allies" off-world, Sheppard struggles to keep Rodney alive.) [18 pages] (nominated for a 2012 Fan Q Award)
  • High and Dry by Brate (Sheppard is separated from his team and left to die.) [4 pages]
  • The Dig: Outsider POV by Blue Abyss (A research mission turns deadly.) [25 pages]
  • Down Time by Stealth Dragon (On Earth, the team is ordered to take a vacation. What could go wrong?) [8 pages]
  • From the Grave by JJJunky (The team goes off world and finds trouble.) [15 pages] (nominated for a 2012 Fan Q Award)
  • Test Flight by Gemini (John and Rodney take an experimental jumper out for a spin.) [8 pages] (nominated for a 2012 Fan Q Award)
  • Misplaced by K Hanna Korossy (On another world, a team member is lost, hurt, and surrounded by strangers.) [18 pages] (nominated for a 2012 Fan Q Award)
  • Down the Rabbit Hole by Sasha St. John (Sheppard and McKay are forced to hide and wait for rescue.) [12 pages]
  • The Dig: Team POV by Blue Abyss (The Dig: Outsider POV told by the other side of the equation.v [35 pages]
  • Caring for Your Colonel by Brate (One of Rodney's jobs is to make sure his leader stays sane. Not an easy task.) [5 pages]
  • Scourge by Frisco/Wildcat88 (Michael gets revenge from beyond the grave.) [33 pages] (nominated for a 2012 Fan Q Award)

Issue 5

Jumper 5 was published in May 2017 and contains 216 pages of fic and black/white interior art.

The zine was one of the Fan Q Award's five Honorable Mentions in 2018.

The story, "Dial M for Memory," was the sole Fan Q Award awarded in 2018.

  • The Three Monkeys by Sheila Paulson (John, Rodney, and Ronon explore a different Ancient city. Things don't go well.)
  • Final Exam by K Hanna Korossy (Rodney is tested. How well does he know Sheppard?)
  • Martes del Taco by Brate (John has a craving and makes Rodney regret it.)
  • Hanging Around by JJJunky (A routine reconnaissance mission gets a little less routine.)
  • Borrowed Trouble by Myfieldnotes (Rodney has a lecture in Las Vegas. Totally boring, right? He wishes.)
  • Choices by Blue Abyss (Crossover with SG-1. A wonky wormhole leads to a convoluted adventure.)
  • Dial M for Memory by Brate (Yet another amnesia story.)
  • Stand Your Ground by JJJunky (It turns out they aren't even safe in Atlantis.)
  • Situation Normal... by Gemini (An alien planet, a crashed jumper, a stroll through the wilderness. Just another day.)
  • Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right by Brate (Sheppard is confined to base. Everyone suffers.)
  • Running Interference by liketheriver (There is a tragedy off-world. It's up to the team to help each other through.)