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Puddlejumpers (often one word in fanon, two words in canon) are a type of small, cylindrical Ancient spacecraft[1] that fits through a Gateverse Stargate.

In Canon

Puddlejumpers first appear in the pilot episode of Stargate Atlantis, where several of them are discovered in the city's hangar bay, and frequently recur throughout the series. Major John Sheppard named these ships "Puddle Jumpers" in Stargate Atlantis premiere episode Rising, rejecting out of hand the name "Gateship" used by Lt. Aiden Ford and Dr. Rodney McKay (which was later discovered to be in use in other canon alternate realities) as too boring.

At least one puddlejumper was modified by an Ancient for time travel and appears in a few SG-1 and SGA episodes.[2] [3]

Piloting Puddlejumpers (most efficiently) requires a natural or synthetic ATA-gene, although in later Stargate Atlantis canon a workaround for non-ATA-gene carrying pilots may have been found.

In Fandom

In Fanfiction

Puddlejumpers are featured in many SGA fanworks. Sometimes they are described as sentient; occasionally they're anthropomorphized. Puddlejumpers feature heavily in episode tags and AUs of season two SGA episode Grace Under Pressure, in which Rodney is trapped in a crashed Puddlejumper on the seafloor. Some examples:

Puddlejumpers seem to be one of John Sheppard's preferred methods for potential suicide through bravery/heroic idiocy. Many SGA fanworks refer to his last-minute decision to pilot a Puddlejumper containing a nuke into a besieging Wraith ship (a kamikaze mission, which he only survives due to last-minute intervention from the Daedalus) with only a "So long, Rodney" as a farewell to Rodney.

In Earth-based no-Stargate AUs, the character of John Sheppard may name other things that are important to him "Puddle Jumper."[4][5] [6]

In Fanart

In Fancrafts

Other Fannish Uses



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