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Name: sabinelagrande
Alias(es): Sabine Gordon, sabinetzin, stickthisbig
Type: writer, moderator, vidder, podficcer, cosplayer
Fandoms: The Avengers, Stargate Atlantis, Inception, Hellsing, House, M.D., Harry Potter, Ace Attorney, Smallville, Firefly, Metalocalypse, Cowboy Bebop, Mythbusters, Welcome to Night Vale, Critical Role, Good Omens, Taskmaster, Oxventure
Communities: A Ficathon Goes Into A Bar, Mischief and Mistletoe, Assembling: We're Doing It Right
URL: sabinelagrande on livejournal

sabinetzin on dreamwidth

sabinelagrande on archive of our own

stickthisbig on tumblr
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sabinelagrande is a fan writer, moderator, vidder, podficcer and cosplayer.


sabinelagrande has been involved in fannish activities since approximately 1996, participating in message boards for Space Cases and The Secret World of Alex Mack. After participating in Harry Potter RP, they began writing fanfiction in 2003 and have posted over three million words to date. They are also active as a cosplayer and congoer. They formerly served as a tag wrangler for the AO3. Under the name Agent Glyph, they were one of the creators of the Coulson Lives Project.


Sabine has written in a large number of fandoms, particularly Stargate Atlantis and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The majority of their works are short, explicit, and contain some element of BDSM. Sabine's depictions of kink are characterized by realism and an adherence to Safe, Sane, and Consensual practices. Their work includes a large quantity of both BDSM AU and lifestyle D/s.

Sabine has also been a participant in a number of collaborative fannish writing and fic-related projects, including writing for John Farr and indexing fic for John Farr, Monitor Duty and the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme.

Notable Fanworks

Stargate Atlantis


Welcome to Night Vale

  • The Job Fair - a Clint Barton/Phil Coulson and Cecil/Carlos story about Phil Coulson's origins as a Night Vale resident
  • Raw Data - a time loop story for Kink Bingo that was the first explicit Cecil/Carlos story posted to the AO3


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