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Name: dizmo
Alias(es): erindizmo, dilby
Type: Writer, Moderator, Tag Wrangler, Fandom RPG
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Popslash, Taskmaster, DC Comics
Communities: A Ficathon Goes Into A Bar, fortycakes
URL: dizmo on Twitter

dizmo on the AO3 dizmo on Dreamwidth

erindizmo on Tumblr
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dizmo is a fan writer, moderator, AO3 tag wrangler, and RPer.


dizmo has been active in fandom to some degree since approximately 1994, starting on Redwall forums, and writing her earliest fanfiction in that fandom, moving through several other fandoms in the intervening time.


While never particularly prolific, has written in a variety of fandoms. Her oldest works on various forums, mailing lists, and personal websites (including several *NSYNC stories removed in the 2002 fanfiction.net RPF purge are no longer extant, but her recent writing remains, most notably in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Clint Barton/Phil Coulson pairing. She has also participated in Yuletide yearly since 2006. Her fic, with some exceptions, is nonexplicit, on the shorter side, and often makes use of banter.

She first signed up as an AO3 tag wrangler when the archive first went to open beta in November of 2009, creating a Dreamwidth post in January 2010 detailing the wrangling interface and workflow at the time. Her first stint as a wrangler ended in the summer of 2010. She then returned to wrangling in 2013 and has remained since.

Notable Fanworks

Marvel Cinematic Universe


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