A Ficathon Goes Into A Bar

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Name: A Ficathon Goes Into A Bar
Date(s): 2010, 2013-present
Moderator(s): coffeesuperhero, dizmo, kisahawklin, sabinelagrande, ereshai
Founder: sabinelagrande
Type: prompt-based challenge, all fanwork types
Fandom: multifandom, crossover
Associated Community: intoabar on Livejournal, intoabar on Dreamwidth, A Ficathon Goes Into A Bar at the AO3
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A Ficathon Goes Into A Bar (abbreviated intoabar, named A Ficathon Walks Into A Bar from 2010 to 2013) is a multifandom crossover challenge running on Dreamwidth. The first round began in February 2013, and the latest will begin in April 2018.


The challenge was inspired by sabinelagrande's entry in the 2010 round of the Sex Is Not The Enemy Ficathon.[1] While it was originally intended to be a Battlestar Galactica challenge featuring exclusively Kara Thrace meeting characters from other universes, the challenge has allowed all fandoms, including RPF, since its first round.[2]


The basic rules have remained unchanged since the first round:

Here's what you do:

1. Pick a character, any character.

2. Pick up to four fandoms that you feel comfortable writing in; the fandom your character comes from can't be any of them.

That is all you need to do. What we will do, using highly scientific methods (and by that we mean Wikipedia, our list of characters, and a bag of dice), is pick a character from one of those other fandoms to meet your character in a bar.[3]

While the challenge is called intoabar, the rules allow characters to meet in any public or semi-public place. Many entries contain romantic relationships, but gen is also allowed.


The first round began in February 2010. The challenge was briefly hosted on sabinelagrande's livejournal,[4] but the masterlists were posted on the Dreamwidth and Livejournal communities. The spring 2010 round saw 87 entries in 91 fandoms.[5]

The second round began in September 2010. From the second round onward, participants were required to post their entries directly on the LJ or DW community itself. Fall 2010 was the first time amnesty was allowed; participants who did not finish in time are now allowed to post during the period between rounds to regain their eligibility, as with Kink Bingo. The fall 2010 round had 78 entries in 106 fandoms.[6]

Beginning with the spring 2013 round, art, podfic, and vids were allowed in addition to stories. There were 87 entries in 106 fandoms.[7] In fall 2013, there were 55 entries in 64 fandoms.[8] Fall 2014 had 65 entries in 79 fandoms.[9]

The sixth round began in March 2015. From 2015 onward, the challenge will be exclusively once a year.[10]


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