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Name: kisahawklin
Alias(es): kisa_hawklin, ex_kisa_haw
Type: fan writer, podficcer
Fandoms: Mary Renault, Stargate Atlantis, The Losers, Supernatural, The Untamed
Communities: Ante Up Losers
URL: kisahawklin at Dreamwidth
kisahawklin at Archive of Our Own
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kisahawklin is a fan writer who has written stories in Mary Renault, Stargate Atlantis, The Losers, Supernatural, and several other fandoms. Podfic recordings in Stargate Atlantis, The Losers, Sherlock, Supernatural, Good Omens, The Untamed, and others.


Examples include:


Examples include:

Transformative Works Policy

from AO3 profile

BLANKET TRANSFORMATIVE WORKS PERMISSION STATEMENT: Listen. I didn't ask permission to write this stuff. YOU DON'T HAVE TO ASK PERMISSION TO DO ANYTHING WITH IT. SERIOUSLY. Podfic, art, re-write, crit, whatever you want. IT'S POSTED PUBLICLY. YOU DO WANT YOU WANT, FRIEND. Now, I am honored that you would even consider it, and I'd love to know about it, if you feel comfortable with that (including linking our works here), but again - NOT NECESSARY. You do what you like.