Ante Up Losers

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Journal Community
Name: Ante Up Losers
Moderator: kisahawklin, lady_krysis, maharetr
Founder: kisahawklin, lady_krysis
Type: Challenge Big bang
Fandom: The Losers
URL:; archive link

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Ante Up Losers is a The Losers fanwork exchange held annually each winter. There is also a fanwork big bang held annually each summer. The community on Dreamwidth was created in October 2010.

Exchange Rules & FAQ | Big Bang Rules and FAQ | Ante Up Losers collection on AO3

  • From the exchange profile:
    • This is a fanwork exchange for The Losers. Comics and movie canon are welcome.
    • There are minimum size requirements for fanworks (no maximum). Review the table for size requirements.
    • This is an anonymous gift exchange, so please don't post your fanworks anywhere except the Archive of Our Own (AO3) until the mods do the big reveal.
    • Posted items must be complete, so no works in progress please. As long as your fanwork is in the AO3 and complete, you can continue to tweak until and after reveals.
    • Remember that this is a gift exchange and you're creating a gift for someone else. If you can no longer participate for any reason, then contact the mods ASAP. We want to make sure that everyone receives a gift and will need to arrange a pinch hitter.