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Pairing: Alex Horne/Greg Davies
Alternative name(s): Greg Davies/Alex Horne
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: British Comedian RPF
Canonical?: it's complicated
Prevalence: rare
Archives: Greg Davies/Alex Horne on AO3
Other: Fourth Wall
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Alex Horne is the creator of the Taskmaster British comedy panel show and plays the assistant; Greg Davies is the host and Taskmaster. They had also worked together on the comedy show The Horne Section. They flirt as a BDSM Daddy and Boy constantly and explicitly.

This is all very clearly analyzed in the article Thank You Daddy: The Psychosexual Intimacy of Taskmaster by Allegra Rosenberg in April 2020. It describes the relationship between the characters over time, and says the "remarkably raunchy ongoing arc of the Taskmaster and his Little Alex is the driving engine behind the show, the heavy-duty homoerotic glue that holds it all together." [1]

The Dave Channel posted a tweet with an intimate talk between Greg and Alex while the panel got turned on, confused, and shouted, "fucking kiss!".[2]

On a Horne Section episode in 2019, Alex sang to Greg a fanfiction poem about them that he put to music called "Feast" with the tags including "Oral Sex, Teasing, Praise Kink, Crying,Restraints,ropes, Blindfolds,kinky poetry, Daddy/boi, D/s, Service Kink, Master/Servant" [3].

The poem, Feast, was posted on AO3 on 2018-12-16. The author, Sashataakheru notes "ETA 11/9/19: Do you want to hear Alex and Greg sing this poem I mean. No, no you don't. But that's what they did on the Horne Section podcast this week I mean. Fuck. ", and ETA 14/9/19: "Just wanted to clarify that I did not ask them to do this to my poetry, nor did I know this was going to be happening until someone commented below to tell me about it. I got to find out with everyone else when the podcast was released. I'm an old school RPFer who would never shove my RPF in the face of the people I was writing about bc that's just gross, let alone ask them to turn it into a song for me jfc. This is was all Alex's idea, not mine. I am in no way responsible for this." [4]


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