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Name: Redwall series
Creator: Brian Jacques
Date(s): 1986 - 2011
Medium: novels
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
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Redwall is a children's fantasy series about the adventures of anthropomorphic woodland animals. The series includes 22 novels, three of which were adapted into an animated television series.


The series title comes from Redwall Abbey, the primary setting for many of the books. Set in the heart of Mossflower Woods, the abbey is a place of pastoral peace where small animals of many kinds live together. It is frequently threatened by invading enemies, usually archetypically "bad" creatures such as rats, foxes, cats and snakes. Fortunately, the inhabitants of the abbey can call for aid from their more warlike allies - river otters and shrews, and the martial hares and badgers who inhabit the nearby mountain fortress of Salamandastron.

Each species carries certain character traits, and most of them speak with a particular regional British accent.


The active fandom is small, but for many people who grew up in the 1990s, Redwall was their "fandom before fandom", the series they loved as children without yet knowing what it meant to be a fan.

Redwall fanfiction is split. Some fics are "innocent" G-rated stories in the style of the original books, with a focus on friendship, adventure and the kind of rich, homely description for which the series is known. Others take the darker elements of the books and ramp them up to adult levels, with more realistic predator-prey interactions. Though some fans find sexualising a children's series distasteful, there is also a significant amount of Furry pornography and erotic fiction inspired by the human-like animals of the Redwall universe.

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