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Name: The House, MD Big Bang Challenge
Date(s): 2007 - 2010
Founder: Zulu and thedeadparrot
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: House, M.D.
Associated Community: house_bigbang on LiveJournal
house_bigbang on DreamWidth
housebigbangers (support community)
URL: House M.D. Big Bang Challenge on AO3
House Big Bang Challenge Archive (Wayback Machine copy)
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House Big Bang was a House, M.D. fandom challenge in the Big Bang style, started up by Zulu and thedeadparrot in 2007. They were influenced most directly by the Heroes Big Boom Challenge. House fandom produces fewer longer fics on average than most other fandoms, and this was also an incentive. The details of the challenge vary with each iteration, but so far, it has taken place about once per year and has its participants write fic with at least 20,000 words. After the writers turn in their fic, artists produce either images or vids to accompany the stories.

The challenge was open to all ships and gen, all genres, crossovers, and ratings.

The LiveJournal community housebigbangers was created for the writers and artists of the challenge to interact. The House Big Bang Challenge Archive was established to host the submitted fanworks but, as of January 2012, is no longer online. In 2010, an AO3 collection was created to archive submissions.


Challenge Rules for Writers
  1. Stories must have a minimum length of 20,000 words. There is no maximum length.
  2. Stories may be any genre: gen, het, boyslash, or girlslash.
  3. The story's central element must relate to House, MD, and its characters. Crossovers and alternate universes are permitted.
  4. Stories will be posted to a central site on the day the challenge goes live, with links to the summaries in this community for feedback, but afterwards may be posted to your personal journal or site.
  5. The stories MAY NOT be posted, in whole or in part, prior to March 30, 2008. You may, of course, share with betas, but please keep your story under wraps as much as possible, so that the artists/vidders can make their choices anonymously when the time comes.
  6. All stories must be betaed before final posting.[1]

See also: FAQ Post & rules entries

Round One (2007/2008)


Round One of the challenge followed the following timeline:[2]

  • August 25, 2007: Sign-ups began.
  • September 15, 2007: Sign-ups ended, participants announced.
  • February 16, 2008: Artists' and vidders' fic claims began.
  • February 22, 2008: Drafts of stories due. (Original deadline was February 15.)
  • February 27, 2008: Final round of fic claims.
  • March 15, 2008: Final drafts of stories due.
  • March 25, 2008: Artists' and vidders' submissions due.
  • March 30, 2008: Archive went live.


Round One resulted in 13 stories and 29 pieces of art created:

Break Point by Mer
House, Wilson (Gen). "Wilson struggles to reconcile past and present in the aftermath of the Tritter investigation, while House just wants to understand." (24,097 words, R)
Art by Virva & Trailer by The Libran Iniquity
Dark Water by Delphinapterus
House/Wilson/Cuddy. "AU. Wilson has to do a freebie because of a mix up with a race horse. House is just getting back into the game and Cuddy finds both these ghosts from the past showing up at the same time. Things get complicated with two FBI agents are thrown into the mix and Chase finally gets a solo hit." (23,014 words, NC-17)
Cover Art by thedeadparrot & Movie Poster by leiascully
A Distorted Genius by hwshipper
House/Wilson. Crossover with Nero Wolfe. "He's a genius, eccentric, lazy, and has three staff to do all the work. And House is just the same. Wilson's been arrested on suspicion of murder, and only Nero Wolfe can help." (28,074 words, PG)
Cover Art by mem_vermelha & Story Trailer by Zulu
Half Life by Blue
House/Wilson, House/OFC. "The world changes forever. House and Wilson must cope." (28,820 words, R)
Cover Art by thedeadparrot & Digital Art by brynnamorgan
how to skin your knees standing straight by Fated Addiction
House/Cameron, Chase/Cameron. "That summer, Cameron tries to keep her choices straight. Why should she stay?" (19,923 words, R)
Cover Art by Serena & Wallpaper by pandorashollow
In for a Pound by Dee Laundry
House/Wilson, Sheppard/McKay, House/Wilson/Sheppard/McKay. Crossover with Stargate Atlantis. "Two days, four men, one California King mattress. Sometimes two and two can add up to something more." (23,618 words, NC-17)
Cover Art by thedeadparrot & Cover Art by yevgenie
A Joy Forever by bell
House/Wilson. "Wilson's dead, but that doesn't mean he's gone." (21,006 words, NC-17)
A Better Idea by brynnamorgan & Dream Meeting by shutterbug_12
My Brother's Keeper by shutterbug_12
House, Wilson, Cuddy (Gen). "An on-the-job incident forces House to experience his life beyond the visible spectrum; Cuddy and Wilson struggle to guide him through a darkness that neither of them can see and preserve the world that House remembers." (24,531 words, R)
Banner by mem_vermelha, Cover Art by wihluta, & Illustration by Virva
The Open Road by Pun
House/Wilson. "Wilson goes along for the ride." (25,155 words, NC-17)
Cover Art by thedeadparrot, Cover Art by leiascully, & Cover Art by mem_vermelha
The Roots of Rhythm Remain by Sabinelagrande
House/Wilson/Cuddy. "Greg, Lisa, James, and Evan, and how their story goes on." (19,962 words, NC-17)
Scrapbook by mem_vermelha & Cover Art by hjsnapepm
Strings by Zulu
House/Foreman. "Because after Foreman fucks up, he might actually be teachable. Because House is the best one to knock him down and then show him what a moron he is. 'Because he could be better,' he says, and he hates that it's the truth, that he's telling it to Cuddy like it matters." (41,743 words, NC-17)
Cover Art by leiascully & Trailer by The Libran Iniquity
Time Marches On by Namaste
Gen: Team. "House once called change one of the greatest tragedies in life. His teams--the old one and the newbies--are learning this even as House himself continues to deal with things he can change, and things he cannot." (23,852 words, G)
Wallpaper by cosmo_mouse, Wallpaper by Serena, & Vid by isaytoodlepip
Your Hand in Mine by Hihoplastic
House/Cuddy. "They can say anything to each other, now that there's no tomorrow." Highly AU. Apocalypse!fic. (29,822 words, PG)
You Go Your Way by cryptictac, If I Should Not Return by isaytoodlepip, & Poster by shutterbug_12

See also: House M.D. Big Bang Challenge - Round One collection at AO3

Round Two (2008/2009)


Round Two followed the following timeline:[3]

  • August 19, 2008: Start of writers' sign-up period.
  • September 1, 2008: End of writers' sign-ups; start of artist sign-ups.
  • January 7, 2008: Complete draft of stories due.
  • February 7, 2008: Final drafts due; artists' sign-up ended.
  • February 7, 2008: Artists' fic claims begin.
  • February 15, 2008: End of fic claims.
  • March 15, 2008: Artists' submissions are due.
  • March 25, 2008: Archive went live.


The second round produced 15 stories and 34 pieces of fanart.

Adagio by Kimbari
House/Cuddy. "Lisa Cuddy thought her dream of having a baby was finished. She thought her dream of a strong, loving partner would never come true. She was wrong on both counts, as well as in her assessment that Gregory House would have nothing to do with either of them." (29,612 words, NC-17)
Cover Art by hjsnapepm & Wallpaper by hihoplastic
Air Conditioner by Alanwolfmoon
House/Foreman. "After Head&Heart, House is physically damaged. A previously existing coworker-with-benefits relationship with Foreman is the only connection he has to rely on afterwards." (46,185 words, PG-13)
Cover Art by leiascully & Trailer by Bridget McKennitt
and all our little agonies by rosenskimmer
Gen. "When two new, unwanted patients throw his world into disarray, House questions his own medical ability. As the ketamine treatment for his thigh fails, House’s friends begin to desert him." (25,338 words, PG-13)
Cover Art by hllangel & To Weep by chickloveslotr
Bounty Hunter Bedlam by hwshipper
House/Wilson. Crossover with Stephanie Plum's Evanovich. "How much havoc can a crippled Princeton doctor wreak for a disaster-prone Trenton bounty hunter? Stephanie Plum meets House and Wilson in a crime caper with absconding brothers, monster trucks, and a man with sinister eyebrows." (27,093 words, PG-13)
Cover Art by DIYSheep, Cover Art by Wihluta, & Digital Painting by Kiuneriar
Deaductive Reasoning by srsly_yes
House/Wilson. "Patients are being murdered as a serial killer stalks the halls of PPTH. House investigates. Could it be Wilson? Only his minion, House, knows he's a vampire." (26,280 words, R)
Unresponsive by Alexwhitewell, 'Not The Cabinets!' by Brynnamorgan, & The Night by Ollee
Eucatastrophe by euclase
Gen. "Dr. House believes there is something unusual living in Lake Carnegie. Strange events unfold as he attempts to prove his theory." (50,419 words, PG-13)
Cover Art by Blue & Banshee by Chemina
Go Baby Go by Anna & bell
House/Wilson. "House finds out about the woman in Wilson's life." (25,454 words, PG-13)
Bucket by Kirili & At The Cinderella by Chemina
In My Darkest Dreams by Roderick Thompson & Nemesishamartia
House/Wilson. "A tour through House's mind as he deals with the psychological fallout from Wilson's actions and the events occurring throughout season four." (41,818 words, NC-17)
Cover Art by Ticcy & Vid by The Libran Iniquity
Lead You Into The Night by Ticcy
House/Cuddy. "What's the differential for a woman who says she hates her baby?" (34,735 words, PG-13)
Trailer by Sadpie & Wallpaper by hihoplastic
One and Two by bell
Amber/House/Wilson. "Amber decides to make Wilson happy by adding House to their relationship, and realizes that by doing so, she may have subtracted herself." (31,718 words, NC-17)
A Toast to Repression by Euclase & Do the Math by Aquatic Fishy
The Other Conversation by imissimissyou
House/Cameron. "He understands her mute conversations with everyone. She is on the edge of a cliff." (19,029 words, PG-13)
Cover Art by mem_vermelha & A New Beginning by shutterbug_12
Stay Away From The Glass: Tales of Petty Crime and Self-Punishment by sodiumbisulfite
House/Wilson, House/Gob Bluth, House/Bruce Wayne, Wilson/Joker. Crossover with Batman (Comicverse & Nolanverse) and Arrested Development. "It's a crazy world out there, and unfortunately Wilson's about to get shoved right into the middle of it." (22,335 words, NC-17)
Cover Art by Anna & Cover Art by Parrot
Woodwinds by Zulu
House/Wilson (with Wilson/Wendy, House/Foreman). "Wilson doesn't end relationships; he launches himself headfirst into something even more disastrous instead." (39,198 words, NC-17)
Cover Art by Yanjara, A New Classic by shutterbug_12, & Trailer by Ticcy
World of Weeping by Mer
Gen. Crossover with Torchwood. "House is consulted by a secret organization led by a mysterious man who seems to know Wilson just a little bit too well for House's comfort." (25,740 words, PG-13)
Cover Art by hllangel, Down the rabbit hole by aolian, & Office Business by Alexwhitewell
your rosary beads under the bed by Fated Addiction
House/Cameron. "The truth is she's had the letter since June. We carry our memories in too many ways." (24,807 words, PG-13)
Cover Art by mem_vermelha, Triptych by isaytoodlepip, & Photograph by Aquatic Fishy

See also: House M.D. Big Bang Challenge - Round Two collection at AO3

Round Three (2009/2010)



The third round produced 15 stories and 30 pieces of fanart.

See also: Round Three Masterlist, Collection at AO3


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