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Name: James E. Wilson
Occupation: Oncologist
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James Wilson, played by Robert Sean Leonard, is the best friend of Gregory House in the series House, M.D.. The head of the oncology department in the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, he is portrayed as a competent, sensitive doctor with his share of issues.

Late in season one, House describes Wilson as, "This buddy of mine, I gotta give him ten bucks every time somebody says 'Thank you.' Imagine that. This guy’s so good, people thank him for telling them that they’re dying."[1] The quotation points to Wilson's skill, to some degree of moral dubiousness (he lets House bet on that?) and to some of House and Wilson's enmeshment.

Wilson may have a larger tendency to become enmeshed with people around him; he slept and lived with his dying patient Grace, and he lived with House for a time. In other evidence of his moral dubiousness, some fans note that he provides some of his patients with marijuana. That said, it seems that Wilson has good intentions at heart.

His main role in the series, so far, has been to play a foil to House, being his best friend and conscience. In fandom discussions he has been often called Greek Chorus, the House Whisperer, and Jimney Cricket for his tendency to explain, to House himself, how House is thinking and feeling. Their friendship has had major ups and downs.

Wilson's life outside his friendship with House is rarely shown, but the occasional glimpse is given. He has been divorced three times: to Samantha Carr played by Cynthia Watros  ; to Bonnie, played by Jane Adams; and to Julie, who has yet to appear in the series. Wilson dated and lived with Amber Volakis for a few months before her death. He often works with Lisa Cuddy to try to "improve" House's life, though some fans see these attempts as manipulative.

Fan Response

Wilson has a large following in fandom, with much work and discussion centered around him. He is respected and admired by some, crushed on by some, and frequently mocked by others.

Many fests and challenges are dedicated to him, such as wilson_fest and dark_wilson. There are also highly specialized communities dedicated to him--or just parts of him!--like wilsons_hair.

A recurring theme in Wilson fanworks is of him being hurt. In Rough Justice by daasgrrl and Vicarious by Penelope, he is raped by Michael Tritter. Even a LiveJournal community, sick_wilson, was created "for everyone who loves to see Wilson suffer." [2] In it, people share fanworks of Wilson being sick, tortured, hurt, dying, or any other form of his suffering.

Wilson is featured in assorted other genres of fanworks, including fluff.



  • Wilson/Amber (past)
  • Wilson/Grace (past)
  • Wilson/Julie (past; wife #3)
  • Wilson/Bonnie (before canon began; wife #2)
  • Wilson/Wife #1 (before canon began)

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