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You may be looking for the LiveJournal community house_wilson.

Pairing: Gregory House/James Wilson
Alternative name(s): H/W, Hilson
Gender category: slash
Fandom: House, M.D.
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
Archives: AO3, FF.Net, house_wilson
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House/Wilson is one of the main pairings in the House, M.D. fandom. It is a slash pairing for characters who have not been shown in canon to be bisexual, but the subtext is prominent enough to be picked up by mainstream media outlets.

For example, Kristin Dos Santos of E!Online posted the "House Love Debate: Cameron, Cuddy or Wilson?" with fan essays advocating for all three ships.[1]

Fan Reactions to Events in the Series

Roomate Arc

Tritter Arc

"I love you" moment in "97 Seconds"

Many fics were written as responsefics to this episode (so many so that the house_wilson has a tag for them) -- as a disclaimer from "Sewn Shut"[2] by allycelestastar would indicate:

I had actually started this fic long before seeing “97 Seconds” and That Scene. I ended up having to insert it into my ficverse. Unfortunately, everyone else and their grandmother is also writing about this scene. I feel so unoriginal now! Well, if you’re sick of reading post-ep fics, you might enjoy this one because it isn’t all post-ep, anyway....

Some examples of responses included:

for gods of the younger generation by _starrystarry: Wilson rolls his eyes. “You’re not a god, House,” he says. And House is either smirking or trying not to yawn.

What's Left? by bookgodess15: If anyone else watched 97 Seconds and didn't believe the ending...

Reciprocal by aribbonofblack: House and Wilson in the aftermath of that scene. What can I say? I was bothered by the lack of any reply whatsoever. Spoilers for 4x03: "97 Seconds," obviously.

Amber Dating Wilson

When word got around that Amber would be dating Wilson, many House/Wilson fans were worried. Round of links on thoughts/worries/speculation

Season Four Finale

(TBD: fic/meta outpouring; speculations for s5)





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