Amber Volakis

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Name: Amber Volakis
Occupation: Radiologist
Title/Rank: Doctor
Location: Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
Status: Deceased
Relationships: Former employee of Gregory House and girlfriend to James Wilson
Fandom: House, M.D.
Other: Played by Anne Dudek
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Amber Volakis, played by Anne Dudek, first appeared in the episode 4.02 "The Right Stuff" as one of the people hoping to get hired by Gregory House. She didn't get the job, but she returned for a number of episodes as James Wilson' girlfriend.

Early on, House called her "Cutthroat Bitch," and the nickname stuck, both in the series itself and in fandom. It's sometimes shortened to just "CTB."

Fandom Response



Ticcy held a drabble challenge featuring any combination of the House, Wilson, Volakis, and Cuddy characters, and many wrote about Volakis in both Gen and shipping fic.


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