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Name: Gregory House
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Relationships: Stacy Warner (dated, pre-series)
Dr. Lisa Cuddy (dated, season 7)
Fandom: House, M.D.
Gregory House by Kate Neurnberg, a painting matted and is 3"x4.5" on 5"x7" boards
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Gregory House is a brilliant but misanthropic doctor who specializes in diagnosing 'undiagnosable' diseases, heading the small Department of Diagnostic Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

House is played by actor Hugh Laurie.


Parallels with Sherlock Holmes, etc. Gregory House was based off of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character "Sherlock Holmes", with noticeable similarities between the two.

Both House and Holmes are bordering on aspergic characters, and their behaviour is a main focus in the two fandoms. The character "James Wilson" (House's best friend) was based of Sherlock's own best friend, Dr John Watson. Even House's name is derived from Holmes', and both characters live at 221b. The main difference is that, instead of being the world's only consulting detective, House is the head diagnostician of the hospital where he works, and has a formidable reputation in his field.

House had an addiction to Vicodin (again, a shout out to Holmes' character, who had his own addiction to cocaine) as a result of a condition that deteriorated the muscle in his thigh, rendering it extremely painful to walk on and requiring a cane. This is said to be a contributor to his narcissistic and misanthropic nature. While some fic goes into the mental and emotional strain of his chronic leg injury, it is more often mentioned in passing with only a slight nod to its real effects on his life, just as it usually is in canon.

House makes a point of proving he doesn't actually have to meet a patient to be able to diagnose them; as a result, his reputation as a human is debatable at best, but his doctoring is yet to be rivalled.




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