Lisa Cuddy

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Name: Lisa Cuddy
Occupation: Endocrinologist, hospital administrator
Relationships: Gregory House (dated, season 7)
Lucas Douglas (dated, season 6)
Fandom: House, M.D.
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Lisa Cuddy is the Dean of Medicine and chief hospital administrator in House, M.D.. She is the direct superior of Gregory House and James Wilson.

In season 7, she begins a canonical relationship with House, though House/Cuddy fanfiction had existed for many years prior. She soon broke up with him over his continued Vicodin habit and general asshole nature.

She is the third-most-popular character in the fandom (right behind the powerhouse couple of House/Wilson), and frequently appears as a minor character in fics even if she's not paired with anyone. However, gen fics rarely center on her; they are more likely to be House character studies or House & Wilson friendships.

Cuddy is portrayed by actress Lisa Edelstein. She loved her time on House MD and was happy to use that experience as she moved into other shows.[1]


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