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Name: Zulu
Alias(es): queenzulu
Type: fanwriter, mod, vidder
Fandoms: X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate: Atlantis, House, M.D.
URL: LJ account, DW account, Panfandom
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Zulu has been in online fandom since late 2000. She became a member of the discussion board at Rohan's X-Files Realm under the name Zulu, Queen of the Nile.

She wrote her first fanfic [1] on March 19, 2001. Since then, she has established a pattern of serial monofannishness.

She entered Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom through Buffy/Giles het, then quickly discovered girlslash, reading through a Buffy/Willow archive during the summer of 2003. As queenzulu on livejournal, Zulu first became known as a Buffy/Faith writer, and remained with Buffy fandom until well after the show ended.

She was sucked into a new fandom with the debut of Stargate Atlantis, joining the burgeoning fandom just after the airing of The Storm.

Zulu's love of SGA was short-lived, however, proving that it was a rebound fandom that merely preceded her immersion in House, M.D.. Zulu's multishipping tendencies had already been noted, but with her first House fic, Three of House's Proposals That Were Shot Down, and One That Wasn't, she demonstrated that she was bound more by her OTC, House, than by any OTP leanings. She has written House/Wilson, House/Cuddy, and House/Foreman, as well as several girlslash pairings. House/Foreman is currently her favourite ship.

In 2007, Zulu established the House Big Bang Challenge, in cooperation with Thedeadparrot. She also moderates the foreman_house and opensourcekiss communities on livejournal.

Notable Works


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