Arrested Development

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Name: Arrested Development
Abbreviation(s): AD
Creator: Mitchell Hurwitz
Date(s): November 2, 2003 - February 10, 2006; May 26, 2013
Medium: TV sitcom
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Wikipedia
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Arrested Development is an American comedy television show. It aired for three season on Fox before ending. Several years later, it was picked up by Netflix for a fourth season, and several years after that, a fifth season.


Arrested Development is considered to have strongly influenced later shows like Community, 30 Rock, and Archer.[1]

The fourth season of the show was originally presented in a format where each episode focused on one character. In 2018 was re-released on Netflix in a new chronological edit called Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences.


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The show is well-liked and references to it can be found all over Tumblr, but a dedicated fandom is fairly small. A few fics were written at Yuletide in 2004-2011, and then again in resurgence in 2013 thanks to the fourth season.[2]

Fanfiction for the series appeared fairly late in the fandom's history at - first fic appeared in 2005. Although there was a fanfic mailing list dedicated to it already, ArrestedDevelopmentFanfic, which began in 2004.

Efforts to Save Show

Sometime in 2005, fans often sent cases and cases of bananas to the (at the time) new Fox boss, Peter Liguori,[3] in order to save the series. Pleads to save the show also appeared in various websites:Chicago Tribune.

Various mailing lists and LJ communities were created in promoting the series and to save the series.

In 2007, fans created an open letter and petition to the network, cast & writers on to get a Christmas special in 2009.


Popular pairings for the fandom revolve around the Bluth family and thus incest-related pairings, for example Gob/Michael and Gob/Buster. Canon toyed with George Michael/Maeby, which at the end of Season 3 was revealed to be fakecest. Michael/Lindsay is another common pairing, with the two likewise not related by blood.

Outside of the family, Gob/Tony Wonder has become a popular pairing post-Season 4.


Arrested Development memes and references are common even in other fandoms. Some have taken on lives of their own; see for example Dead Dove: Do Not Eat.


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