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Synonyms: Icon contest, Icon challenge
See also: Icons
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An icontest is an icon-making challenge. The term is a smoosh of the words icon and contest. They are popular on LiveJournal.

LiveJournal icontest communities might be specific to a topic, such as a fandom, a character, or a pairing, though there are also icontests which incorporate multiple fandoms.

Weekly Icontests

The most common form of icontest is a weekly challenge. Each week, members anonymously submit their icons based on a prompt, and then the icons are voted on by the members of the community.

For winning, there is usually a first, second, and third place. Sometimes there are extra categories as well which might vary from challenge to challenge, e.g. best crop, best coloring, most creative, best use of text, and so forth.

Award banners are commonly made for the winning icons.


  • Stills, or stillness, is used to refer to a type of icon challenge in which the icons are not animated.
  • Hush refers to a type of icon challenge in which the icons do not include text.

Other Types of Icon Challenges

  • Last Icon Maker Standing aka LIMS is a type of ongoing icontest, in which icon makers are eliminated with each challenge until only one remains as the winner.
  • 20 in 20 challenges are to make 20 icons in 20 days.
  • others? Perhaps this will even need its own page...