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Name: ncis_flashfic
Date(s): 12 August 2005 – 6 July 2014 (last update)
Moderator: blueraccoon, malnpudl, meekosan
Founder: meekosan
Type: fanfic challenge
Fandom: NCIS
URL: ncis_flashfic at LiveJournal
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ncis_flashfic is a LiveJournal Community for NCIS fandom focused on multiple challenges.

About the Community

This community is modeled from the ds_flashfiction & sga_flashfic communities and roughly follow the same rules. Challenges are posted every once every two weeks; writers have within that time to respond to the challenge. Writers' stories must be posted only to the ncis_flashfic community for the duration of the challenge. The challenge will be formally closed by the moderator at the end of the challenge period. Writers may keep posting until you see the formal closing message from a moderator. After that message, no more stories for the challenge will be accepted, and writers are free to crosspost their stories to their own journals, websites, archives, etc.

Posting Format

For your archivist's convenience, please format post subjects as "[title] by [author name]". Please include the community standard header information format as indicated, including pairings (if any) and age rating. The story itself must be behind a cut. Cut tags have been written into the header for your convenience. Minimum word counts for stories is 100 words with no maximum, ever. Regardless of the length of your story, please post only one post in a single part, per story. Spoiler warning must be included in provided header for any episode or event that has taken place during season 7 to present. Please avoid use of made up pairings, such as Tiva, Tate, Tibbs, etc; instead using the character names Tony/Ziva, Tony/Kate, Tony/Gibbs.