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Pairing: Caitlin "Kate" Todd/Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo
Alternative name(s): Tate
Gender category: Het
Fandom: NCIS
Canonical?: Non-canon in reality, canon in AU (possible future)
Prevalence: Popular
Archives: tony_kate
Other: Note: They had a love/hate relationship, often referred to as a sibling relationship. Many times they proved it's more than a sibling kind of a relationship.
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Kate/Tony is a pairing of Caitlin "Kate" Todd and Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo from the NCIS fandom.

Canonically, Kate and Tony's relationship could be referred to as a sibling love/hate relationship as they argued and constantly competed with each other. However they both got along despite some personality crashes at first. Tony was even shown being considerate, kind and even borderline romantic to Kate as well as protective of her. In extras seen on the S2 DVD set, the producers stated it was intended for there to be a relationship between them had Kate lived. This might account for the several mentions/hints at her character in future episodes after she had died are usually made by Tony [1].

In Season 9, an Alternate Universe was revealed where Kate had never been killed by Ari thanks to Gibbs[2]; thus Kate and Tony were married, and had a newborn baby girl, named Kelly. [3]


Kate/Tony is a popular pairing both before and after Kate's death.

A popular trope in fanfiction dealing with Kate/Tony is to deny Kate's death, usually by an alternate universe in which she somehow survived the shooting or was in never any danger to begin with (or was switched with a similar looking person to keep Ari from realizing that it wasn't Kate he shot). Other popular storylines is her to appear as a "ghost" to Tony . There are a lot of Tony fics where he is trying to deal with Kate's death.

Other storylines deal with them finally starting a relationship or missing scenes/episode tags from the first two seasons. Even though the Tate ship isn't as popular as the Tiva ship, people still cheer for it.



  • Slices of a Life Worth Living by noplacespecial, rated teen, Kate is surprised at how easily they fall into a routine.
  • A Point At Which by xdawnfirex, rated adult.
  • Whispers by flareonfury, rated general, Kate tells Tony a secret.
  • You Don't Use the Whole Chicken? by xdawnfirex, rated adult.
  • Time Of My Life by cutie.m383, rated teen.
  • Fixing You by COUNTRYY CHICKK, rated teen. "Your life can shatter in a blink of an eye, Never in a million years she would thought he would save her and put the pieces back together."
  • The Chase by Dixieland Delight, rated K+ (Kids +) "Who's chasing Kate in the park, and why are the two of them discussing making out on the benches?"




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