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Name/s: hwshipper
Fandom/s: House MD
You can find me at: LiveJournal;
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

hwshipper lives in a universe where House & Wilson have had a long established on-off dysfunctional sexual relationship for the last twenty years. She regards this as completely canon compatible, and spends a wholly disproportionate amount of time constructing a timeline and writing fic to prove this point.

Her magnum opus is her 100K word epic House/Wilson backstory Twenty Years of Stealing My Food, off which a multitude of other fic hangs. Her other main achievement has been to complete the House Big Bang Challenge in 2008 by writing A Distorted Genius, a House/Nero Wolfe crossover.

She has a particular penchant for writing House/Wilson from an OC's point of view, as in Memoirs of an Oncology Department Secretary, and a serious weakness for Wilson/OMC and slut!Wilson. She combined all these kinks in The Story of Chris and has subsequently gotten far too fond of her OMC Chris who repeatedly recurs in her fic despite being not strictly necessary.

hwshipper somehow manages to hold down a full-time job and study for a part-time PhD, between bouts of fic-writing and hanging around House's House of Whining. She lives and works in London, UK, and relies heavily on betas to eliminate the Britishisms which would otherwise plague her work..