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Name/s: bell, usomitai
Fandom/s: Ranma_1/2, Sailor Moon, Clamp, Fruits Basket, Persona 2, Princess Tutu, Star Wars, House, M.D.
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I was creating fanworks years before I even knew what I meant, writing Street Fighter II, Final Fantasy IV, MacGyver and Monkey Island fic and comics as a child and pre-teen. Once I discovered other fans on the internet talking about Final Fantasy VI, I quickly fell into fandom's depths.

For many years I lurked in anime/manga and gaming fandoms-- Ranma_1/2, Sailor Moon, Clamp, Final Fantasy VII, Persona 2, Princess Tutu-- sometimes writing and commenting but mostly not. More than creating fanworks, I would translate from Japanese to English.

Around 2002 I started to watch Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer, and from there I started to turn away from anime/manga and towards tv series. In 2005 I fell for Star Wars due to the movie Revenge of the Sith, and for the first time in many years wrote and participated in the fandom, helping run a newsletter and joining fic-challenges.

In 2006 I discovered House, and have been writing for it ever since. I'm still hoping to get my brain/soul back from it, someday.

To-Do List

- CCS (at the very least: ExT, Icebreakers, Tin, CCS ML, Cardcaptors, reactions to dub) - Persona 2 (at the very least: other doujinshika and summarizing the other Rinno works) - House: (at the very least: pages for lj communities, challenges, characters. More information on fanworks for Wilson. House/Wilson page.)