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Title: Four Quarters' Verse
Creator: trinityofone, wychwood
Date(s): 28.2.2006 - 6.3.2007
Medium: multimedia: fanfic, fanart, fanmix
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: Four Quarters (first story and art)
The Four Quarters 'verse further fanworks on the author's page tales of an unreal city
Four Quarters art by wychwood.png
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The Four Quarters' Verse is a multimedia SGA AU, written by trinityofone and with art created by wychwood. The team forms a band called "The Puddlejumpers", and various other SGA characters are their supporting staff.


The first part of the series, Four Quarters, was created for the artword challenge 003A. It included five pieces of artwork. The story established the band AU and the unique McShep dynamic and characterizations.

The Sea It Swells and The Bellerophon Brothers are stories by trinityofone focusing on and further exploring that dynamic.

Bootleg: The Best of the Puddlejumpers is "a companion story, with the songs woven into the narrative (or perhaps more accurately, the narrative woven around the songs)."[1] by trinityofone and wychwood.

Tokyo Drift and Five magazine covers the band was featured on (and why Rodney hates them) are two more short stories by trinityofone, and La Familia has the happy ending.

Recs and reviews

"If you're looking for a great Earth AU: Four Quarters by trinityofone. Pairing: McKay/Sheppard. Description: Have you ever sat around thinking about what the team would be like if they were a rock band instead of the first contact team for an alien city? No? Well, read this anyway. Then read trin's other Puddlejumper's stories. Then sit around and sigh for the fact that you're never going to get to see them in concert. Like the best AUs, the characters are all recognizable and right, no matter how crack the premise. I love their evolution over the course of time and through the stories - they grow and change like real people going through these experiences would, but always stay our team at heart. The one sentence summary is: Rodney was going to be a scientist, but when he walked into the garage to yell at the band practicing next door, he walked right into a new fate."[2]

"That's right, it's a band AU. A multimedia band AU. And it's brilliant. And I don't just say that because the Puddlejumpers share more than a passing resemblance with my favorite Irish foursome. Four Quarters jumps back and forth in time, taking us from the first meeting of the brilliant Rodney McKay with the hapless wanna-be garage band next door, to the inevitable VH1 special and hitting all the highlights in between. The translation of characters is great, with all the usual suspects showing up in unexpected yet perfect places, and the heart of the show, the heart of the relationships remains the same."[3]

"One of the most utterly consuming AUs I have ever read. I admit to maybe getting a little teary-eyed at the end (shhh, Sofie), but seriously. Seriously. This whole thing is incredible, so well put together and emotionally demanding and sometimes messed up but always beautiful. I can't recommend it highly enough, really. Happy sigh."[4]

  • For Bootleg in particular:

"I read this again while listening to each track, and it works wonderfully. The music really adds to each story.

I am a big a fan of this multimedia layout/ story you've done. Really. Big. Fan. This is the first story I've seen done quite this way; and yet it is a natural extension from fanfic, fanart, music mixes, and songvids.

I do love the tactile feeling of holding real books in my hand and reading them, but they can't give this interactive feel. This has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of online publishing and online fiction--fiction with embedded art, music, even video. Wow! Great job!"[5]

"Ah see now, *this* is why I love the internets. Where else could I get a concept project like this--not just a mix but a story with art and music made by insanely talented and creative people out of nothing but an idea and love? (...) I loved: that you did a fannish concept album; that you literally made made me see the lyrics (which I tend to skip); that the liner notes and the story snippets and the mood of the music called each other into question, making this a giant step beyond painfully earnest and anvillicious songfic; that, like Four Quarters which I also loved, it's a portrait and retrospective of the band (and John & Rodney)'s life and times; that the whole thing is oblique and sad, barely spoken and mostly sung (though rarely by the person saying it). I was hoping for more of this when I saw the "sex drugs & rock 'n roll" challenge on sga_flashfic and I hope this won't be the end of it."[6]


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