Lurkers in the Shadows

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Title: Lurkers in the Shadows
Publisher: William J. Hunt (editor)
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): early to mid 1980s
Medium: print
Fandom: Dark Shadows
Language: English
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Lurkers in the Shadows is a Dark Shadows gen fiction anthology edited by William J. Hunt.

Issue 1

Lurkers in the Shadows 1 was published in 1983 and contains 60 pages. It is digest-sized.

cover of issue #1
  • Twilight Hour by JoAnn Christy & Marcy Robin
  • On of Woodard's Boys by Adriana Pena
  • The Crystal Frog by Megha Powell-Nivling
  • The Golden Ring of Saradona by Daniel Redington, Jr.
  • The Poisoned Flower by Kathy Resch
  • Things Untold by Virginia Waldron
  • Illustrations by: Frank V. Liltz & Barbara Fister-Liltz.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2 or #3

Lurkers in the Shadows 2 was published in 1984 and contains 25 pages.

  • Thoughts of Angelique by Kathryn Huffman
  • The Visitor by Mary Overstreet
  • The Best of Friends by Carol Maschke
  • Legacy by S. M. Brand
  • Illustrations by: Frank V. Liltz & Barbara Fister-Liltz.

Issue 3

Lurkers in the Shadows 3 is full-sized.