Tryst of Dark Shadows

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Title: Tryst of Dark Shadows
Publisher: Pandora Publications
Author(s): Beth Tignor
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): Barbara Fister-Liltz
Date(s): 1981
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Dark Shadows
Language: English
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Tryst of Dark Shadows is a gen Dark Shadows novel by Beth Tignor. The art is by Barbara Fister-Liltz.

front cover

From the flyer: "The horror never stopped after the slices of Collins history called HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS and NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS! The vampire's taint, the haunted mind of a painter, the relentless evil of a witch - all persisted and grew into this TRYST OF DARK SHADOWS…"

From the author's foreword: "When I first saw the ad in the newspaper for NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS, I was curious about the caption, "Absolutely no one will be admitted during the last ten minutes of the movie." However, I knew why the ad had been written that way after seeing the movie. "No fair!" I told my friend, "They can't do that to us!" I was furious. Thoughts of how the movies might come together and end came to mind, but no more DARK SHADOWS movies were ever mentioned anywhere. Finally, in 1973 I gave up hopes of DARK SHADOWS. Then in 1976 DARK SHADOWS was syndicated, and in late 1977. I discovered other people also treasured fond memories of the series. And CBS showed edited versions of (or rather, bits and pieces of) HOUSE and NIGHT. I dug up and recreated some of my plans to end the movies and eventually TRYST OF DARK SHADOWS evolved from them. At least four different buildings were mentioned in HOUSE and NIGHT on the Collins estate—Collinwood, the Old House, the St. Eustace Island mansion where Barnabas held Maggie, and the cottage where Claire and Alex stayed. Because of the extreme differences in the settings of HOUSE and NIGHT, several years elapsed between the movies, although not much time elapsed between filming. Carlotta Drake had been housekeeper at Collinwood for a while, and Elizabeth Stoddard had been dead for a few years when NIGHT opens. SO, except for car makes and a few fashions, NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS could take place in the present time. TRYST is set shortly after NIGHT on the Fourth-of-July weekend."


Reactions and Reviews

Now taking advance orders. Projected publication date: Spring, 1980. Cost: $5.00. I've had the privilege of reading the manuscript for this novel , and I give it my highest recommendation. Beth Tignor has written a followup to "House" and "Night of DS," skillfully combining aspects of both 'universes' into one compelling, fast plotted story. To quote from the flyer: "... the vampire's taint, the haunted mind of a painter, the relentless evil of a witch…. all persisted and grew..." Beth has a talent a lot of writers lack--to write as convincingly of both supernatural, and the normal, to present scenes of horror, and of humor, to present many characters convincingly and in depth, and to do it all with justice to the fact that life is not a tapestry made of one color--that it is the different shades that bring vitality and meaning and balance. [1]
flyer printed in Inside the Old House #12
TRYST OF DARK SHADOWS, the long awaited novel by Beth Tignor, is illustrated by Barbara Fister-Liltz. A followup to HODS and NODS, it traces the lives of the people left behind...Claire and Alex Jenkins, escaped from the car crash which supposedly claimed their lives, return to Collinsport determined to rescue Quentin and Tracy--or avenge their deaths. Maggie and Jeff Clark, haunted by the memories of the past, and caught unwillingly in present tragedy. Willie, bearing more than just memories. And the new inhabitants of Collinwood, a couple calling themselves Charles and Angelique Collins, strangely ignorant of the ways of the present...but very knowledgable of the ways of evil. Finally, the catalyst, Suzannah Drake, come to Collinwood to claim the possessions of her dead aunt Carlotta, and finding much more... I recommended this one. Beth has a good feel for character, and a nice twist of plot. [2]


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