The Edge of the Abyss

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Title: The Edge of the Abyss
Publisher: Fenris House
Author(s): Sharon Monroe
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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The Edge of the Abyss is a 55-page gen Beauty and the Beast novel by Sharon Monroe.

This digest-sized zine features the character Brigit O'Donnell from the episode "Masques." A fan on eBay described it: "This is a 'half size' fanzine, when closed, measures about 5 1/2 inches wide and 8 1/2 inches high. Staple-bound."

Reactions and Reviews

Novel featuring Brigit O'Donnell, disguised as a digest zine. Worth the effort to check this one out. Applied color pix cover. [1]


  1. from Helpers' Network Quality Fanzine Review -- 1997