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Title: Purple and Orange?
Publisher: Osiris Publications
Editor(s): Joy Harrison (all issues), with Leah Bestler (first issue)
Date(s): 1979-1986
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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Purple & Orange? is a gen Battlestar Galactica anthology with twenty issues. The editors put out a sister zine of explicit het fiction called Blue One, along with at least one Special Edition of Purple and Orange?, Apollo's Odyssey.

flyer printed in Starwings #1
another flyer

Editorial Guidelines

Printed in issue #16, and perhaps other issues:

OSIRIS Publications has a professionally-trained editorial staff. PURPLE AND ORANGE?, although

written by non-professionals, Iis and will continue to be handled in as professional a manner possible. The following guide-lines should be observed by anyone submitting material to PURPLE AND ORANGE?:

All written material will be edited, and decisions of the editor will be final. If any rewriting Is required, the editor will return the submission to the writer, with appropriate comments. Otherwise, any alterations in spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, etc., will be made by the editor. No writer will be accorded the so-called right of editorial review.

Written material should be neatly typed on 8-1/2 x 11 white paper, double-spaced. Only one side of the page should be used, and all pages must be numbered. Hand-written or handprinted manuscripts will be accepted only at the discretion of the editor; these should be double-spaced on 8-1/2 x 11 lined white paper. The editorial staff reserves the right to reject any manuscript not deemed to be sufficiently legible.

"Mary Sue" (personal fantasy/wish fulfillment) stories will not be accepted unless they display some redeeming value; any decision on the merits of such a story will be made by the editorial staff, whose decision will not be subject to appeal. While many readers may enjoy the exploits of the incomparably lovely, incredibly talented, and impossibly brilliant young saviour of the ship/planet/galaxy/whatever (choose any or all), OSIRIS Publications does not particularly admire the lady.

Art submissions should be in black and white only (no pencil, please, as screening is expensive; pencilled art will be accepted only if deemed truly exceptional), with no large dense black areas, and should be no larger than 6-1/2 x 11 (Including a 1-inch margin on all sides). Art must be completely camera-ready; the staff of OSIRIS Publications will not complete or clean up any submissions. Artists should send either originals or good-quality photocopies that require no touch-ups. Keep in mind that original art is sent at the artist's own risk.

Written material and art containing or depicting excessive violence or explicit sex will automatically be rejected. In such matters, the decision of the editorial staff will be final.

No written material or art currently under consideration by PURPLE AND ORANGE? should be submitted to any other publication until a decision on that material's acceptability has been made by OSIRIS Publications. Similarly, no material or art currently under consideration elsewhere should be submitted to PURPLE AND ORANGE?

No one will be notified of receipt of any submission unless that submission Is accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope or postcard. No submissions will be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing adequate return postage, and no returned submissions will be insured unless money for that insurance Is included. Once a submission is accepted and scheduled for publication, the contributor will be so advised.


From issue #16:
Due to the ever-increasing costs of printing and supplies, OSIRIS Publications announces that when current stocks are depleted, back issues of the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA TM fanzine PURPLE AND ORANGE? will be available on a photocopy basis only, at a cost of $.15 (15¢) per page, plus $2.00 per 'zine for postage and handling. NO ONE BUT OSIRIS PUBLICATIONS IS AUTHORISED TO SELL PHOTOCOPIES OF PURPLE AND ORANGE?

Issue 1

Purple & Orange? 1 was published in 1979 and is 13 pages long. It was reprinted later as a combined issue with issue #2.

cover of issue #1, Doug Rice

Issue 2

Purple & Orange? 2 was published in 1979 and contains 45 pages.

Issue 1/2 (later combined reprint)

Purple & Orange? 1/2 has the original Doug Rice cover from issue #1.

  • Cylons is Golden
  • other unknown content

Issue 3

Purple & Orange? 3 was published in 1979 and contains 49 pages.

The art is by Bob Beese, Mike Crisci, Paulie Gilmore, and Todd Hamilton. Senior editor was Joy Harrison, editor was Pat Beese, art editor was H.P. Benedict, and the humour editor was Lisa Golladay.

  • Episode Guide (3)
  • Colonel Lyra’s Log (4)
  • Aquarius (5)
  • The Sword (19)
  • Important Addresses (25)
  • Starbucked (26)
  • Allies, Part I (The continuing story of the People, creators of the Cylons by a well-known fantasy author writing under the name John Jones IX.) (42)
  • Editorials, including Eddie: A Message from the Real World (46)
  • Staff Credites (49)

Issue 4

cover issue #4

Purple & Orange? 4 was published in 1980 and is 96 pages.

  • Episode Guide (3)
  • Colonel Lyra's Log (4)
  • Episode Synopses
    • Murder on the Rising Star (9)
    • The Magnificent Warriors (10
  • Diana’s Journal (11)
  • The Celebration (The origin of the "purple and orange squadron.) (14)
  • untitled poem (50)
  • Important Addresses (51)
  • Sealing Ceremony (53)
  • Announcements (57)
  • The Hunted (58)
  • Letters of Comment (61)
  • The Trap (64)
  • Contest (82)
  • The Birthday Party (84)
  • Pandora's Box (88)
  • Allies Part II by John Jones IX (The continuing story of the People, creators of the Cylons by a well-known fantasy author writing under the name John Jones IX.) (89)
  • Editorial (94)
  • A Television First! (5)
  • Staff Credits (96)

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5, Linda George-Himber
back cover of issue #5, Linda George-Himber

Purple & Orange? 5 was published in 1980 and contains 93 pages.

It introduces Sergeants Arion and Mara of the Battlestar: Osiris, a well as an account of the meeting between a colonial warrior and a survivor of the People.

The art is by Capricana, Steve Casey, Jim Fritzsching, Linda George-Himber, George Hamilton, Karen Pauli, and Paulie.

The editorial:
"Purple and Orange?" Number Five. It's hard to believe. A year ago, our first issue wasn't even a dream (a nightmare?). In fact, ABC was still claiming BATTLESTAR GALACTICA would be back in the fall. They didn't announce cancellation of the series until mid-April. That's when Leah Bestler suggested a "one-time fanzine" to help save the series.

Well, the one-time fanzine got away from us. Our readers liked it so well (and we still don't know why!) that we felt compelled to write another. And another. And another. And... Our staff has grown, and we've begun to get some material from our readers — Karen Pauli, Judi Steck, and Bennett Snyder, to name just three. "John Jones IX" — the professional author who is writing "Allies" for us — says some of our material is near- professional in quality. High praise, indeed, from a good friend who wouldn't say it unless he meant it. And then there are the artists. Todd Hamilton and Paulie Gilmore are both well known to fans and convention-goers. But what about Steve Casey, who's also a truly excellent fantasy artist? And Linda George-Himber, a switchboard operator who's never had any formal training in art? Yes, "Purple and Orange?" has grown. Our issues are longer, more elaborate, and (we hope) constantly improving. We're planning a sixth issue for Noreascon II, and maybe (but only maybe) a sev enth before the end of the year. We'd like your help, too, of course. What do you want to see, to read in our zine? What did you like best in this issue, or the last one, or the one before that? What didn't you like? (Yes, we want to know that, too. In fact, we need to know...) And what do you think of GALACTICA 1980? Do you agree with Judi Steck? Do you disagree? Did you love it — or hate it? We should point out that Judi's review is her opinion, and not necessarily the opinion of the editors. We may tell you our thoughts on the subject at some future time — but for now, we prefer to withhold judgment until we've something more than a three-part pilot and the first half of "The Super Scouts" to use as a basis for our evaluation. All we intend to do at present is echo Judi in one simple statement: "It's not the same."

So... Did we win our fight — or lose it? By Worldcon, we should all have an answer. See you then.
  • Colonel Lyra's Log (3)
  • Episode Guide (5)
  • GALACTICA 1980 Overview (6)
  • Something Nice by Pat Beese (8) (fiction)
  • Diana's Journal (20)
  • Contest (25) (Fiction contest to get rid of Boxey, and hopefully his daggit, too. "Many of you have wanted it done, and now you can do it! You can write the script in which the little kid (with or without his daggit) gets shot, electrified, lost in space, or maybe left for dead on a desert planet.")
  • The Decision by Bennett E. Snyder (27) (fiction)
  • Colonel Lyra's Log (32)
  • Pandora's Box (33)
  • Arion by Ben Thomas (36) (fiction)
  • Colonel Lyra's Log (49)
  • Mara by Karen Pauli (51) (fiction)
  • Important Addresses (59)
  • Colonel Lyra's Log (61)
  • Diversion by Syene Syana (62) (fiction)
  • The Advisor by Lisa Golladay (68) (fiction)
  • Announcements (70)
  • Neighbours by Joy Harrison (72) (fiction)
  • Allies (part 3) (84) (fiction) (The continuing story of the People, creators of the Cylons by a well-known fantasy author writing under the name John Jones IX.)
  • Diana's Journal (90)
  • Editorial (91)
  • Staff Credits (92)

Issue 6

Purple & Orange? 6 was published in 1980 and contains 128 pages. It continues the introduction of the Osiris crew.

cover of issue #6
  • Episode Guide (3)
  • Diana's Journal (4)
  • Something in Common, fiction (7)
  • Lyra's Log (13)
  • Intraship Memo (15)
  • Daughter of the Colonies, fiction (16)
  • Arion's Journal (29)
  • Triad, fiction (31)
  • Mara's Diary (34)
  • A Finger in the Dike, fiction (38)
  • A Meeting of Strangers, fiction (42)
  • Pandora's Box (43)
  • Just Another Planet Story, fiction (44)
  • Frak Neilsen (61)
  • Dementia, fiction (65)
  • Hi, Spacer. New in Town? (73)
  • Lyra's Log (74)
  • Arion's Journal (76)
  • Diana's Journal (78)
  • Announcement (81)
  • Contest (82)
  • Alexandra, fiction (83)
  • Mara's Journal (91)
  • Diana's Journal (93)
  • The Ultimate Weapon (96)
  • Letters of Comment (101)
  • Return Visit, fiction (104)
  • Relationships, fiction (116)
  • Allies, part four by John Jones IX (116)
  • Editorial (123)
  • Staff Credits (124)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

Purple & Orange? 7 was published in 1980 and contains 147 pages.

From an ad in Universal Translator #10: "[This is] a B:G zine. It introduces Lts. Freya and Morgan, Sgt. Baleron, Gunnery Sgt. Jones of Osiris, and Lt. Reisa of the Galactica, as well as Commander Morpheus of the Dementia. It includes a chance meeting with a demon in the dark; the conclusion of the 'Neighbours' trilogy; part 5 of 'Allies.' and more."

  • Episode Guide (3)
  • Reisa (4)
  • Morgan (10)
  • Deathwatch (18)
  • Through the Void (24)
  • Personal Log: Flight Sergeant Mara (38)
  • Discovery on Kobol (30)
  • Baleron (35)
  • Tales of the Osiris (37)
  • Osiris Brewing (38)
  • Collaborators (44)
  • Graduation (56)
  • Encounter (64)
  • Diana's Journal (78)
  • Mail Order Information (93)
  • Diana's Journal (94)
  • Frogula (96)
  • Frog Wars (110)
  • Time and Tide Wait for No Critter (114)
  • Contest (123)
  • The Demon (124)
  • Warrior's Prayer (131)
  • Homecoming (132)
  • Allies, part five by John Jones IX (140)
  • Editorial (145)
  • Staff Credits (147)

Issue 8

Purple & Orange? 8 was published in 1981 and contains 104 pages.

cover of issue #8

From a flyer: "Contains more GALACTICA'. OSIRIS, and DEMENTIA stories, introduces a new series or stories about the battlestar PEGASUS", and tells of a woman from "a galaxy far, far away." Reveals the identity of the father of Captain Laia's child; the deaths of both Colonel Lyra and Captain Apollo: Part VI of "Allies," and more."

  • Episode Guide (3)
  • Dreams of a Lonely Night, fiction by Sharon Monroe (4)
  • Gunnery Notes: Flights by Clyde Jones (12)
  • Bereft, fiction by Mary Jean Holmes (16)
  • Purple and Orange? mail order information (27)
  • Escape of the Pegasus, fiction by Lee Gaul (28)
  • For Sheba, poem by Anne Cecil (35)
  • It Ain't My Birfday, fiction by Ben Thomas (36)
  • Personal Log: Flight Sergeant Mara by Karen Pauli (40)
  • Old Contests/New Contests (44)
  • Galetea's Log by Anne Cecil (48)
  • Withdrawn and Quartered, fiction by Bennett Snyder (54)
  • Shore Leave, fiction by Marj Ihassen (58)
  • Tribute for a Warrior, fiction by Sharon Monroe (66)
  • Who...? by David Morgan (70)
  • ... Else? by Styx Coady (80)
  • A Brief Time by I Joan Kokolus (84)
  • Allies, part six by John Jones IX (90)
  • Colonial Conclave -- Special Annoucnement (97)
  • Editorial (98)
  • Acknowledgments (100)

Issue 9

Purple & Orange? 9 was published in 1981 and contains 80 pages.

cover of issue #9

From a flyer: "Introduces more of the OSIRIS and PEGASUS crews, continues the adventures of the GALACTICA and the DEMENTIA, and tells of the escape of Starbuck and Cy from the planet Starbuck. Includes Part VII of "Allies" and begins two new serials, 'Easy Looking' and "Why Did It Have to Be...?" Reduced copy format."

  • Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide (3)
  • Picking Up and Taking Off by Honor Bryte (4)
  • Easy Looking, part one by Anne Cecil (8)
  • Friends by Marj Ihassen (14)
  • Personal Log: Flight Sergeant Mara by Karen Pauli (23)
  • Where Frog by Dr. Doris Fishbein (24)
  • Gunnery Notes: Little Things by Clyde Jones (28)
  • Daddy's Little Helper by Gene Hermson (32)
  • An Exchange of Favours by Mary Jean Holmes (40)
  • Delphian Tale by Lee Gaul (44)
  • Purple and Orange? mail order information (49)
  • Why Did It Have to Be...?, part one by H. Raven wood (50)
  • Death Scene by Anonymous (56)
  • Shades of the Past by Sharon Monroe (60)
  • Allies, part seven by John Jones IX (68)
  • Editorial (74)
  • Acknowledgements (76)

Issue 10

Purple & Orange? 10 was published in 1981 and contains 158 pages.

cover of issue #10

From a flyer: "Athena finally gets even -- or does she? What happened after the story of "Apollo's Odyssey?" What became of Count lblis and Sheba? All this, plus many more stories about the GALACTICA" and her sister ships, the OSIRIS and the PEGASUS" -- and, of course, the DEMENTIA -- plus Part VIII of "Allies" and continuations of both "Easy Looking" and "Why Did It Have to Be...?" Reduced copy format, and a special Windycon VI II/Colonial Conclave 1981 holiday issue."

  • Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide (3)
  • Message from the Editor (4)
  • Editorial Privilege and Duty: Two Halves of a Whole (6)
  • Guidelines: Writing for Purple and Orange? (8)
  • Soul of a Socialator, fiction by Sharon Monroe (10
  • For Cassiopeia by Anne Cecil (16)
  • Easy Looking, part two by Anne Cecil (16)
  • Time Passage, fiction by Honore Bryte (30)
  • Thorn, fiction by Sharon Monroe (36)
  • Guardian Angels, fiction by Doris Fishbein (44)
  • Starting Over, fiction by Joy Harrison and David Morgon (52)
  • Purple and Orange? mail order information (69)
  • Aegis of Athena, fiction by Paul Gordon (70)
  • Gunnery Notes: K(Period)P(Period) by Clyde Jones (84)
  • Revelations, fiction by Lee Gaul (88)
  • First Mission, fiction by Gene Hermsen (96)
  • Visit Through a Dark Star, fiction by Doris Fishbein (102)
  • One of the Best, fiction by Karen Pauli (106)
  • It's All in the Name, fiction by Mary Wood (118)
  • Gorill, fiction by J.R> Janoski (122)
  • Typewriter Warming (128)
  • Why Did It Have to Be...?, part two by H. Ravenwood (136)
  • ... Snakes?, fiction by Mary Jean Holmes (144)
  • Allies, part eight by John Jones IX (148)
  • Acknowledgements (155)

Issue 11

Purple & Orange? 11 was published in 1982 and contains 88 pages.

cover of issue #11
  • Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide (3)
  • Message from the Editor (3)
  • Editorial: Doing Violence to Another's Creation (6)
  • Boomer's Patrol, fiction by Sharon Monroe (8)
  • Easy Looking, part three by Anne Cecil (18)
  • Dire Wolfen, fiction by Doris Fishbein (22)
  • Alix Alone, fiction by J.R. Holmes (28)
  • Guardian Angels, conclusion by Doris Fishbein (38)
  • Purple and Orange? mail order information (49)
  • Private Log: Flight Sergeant Mara by Karen Pauli (50)
  • A Woman's Place, fiction by Lee Gaul (52)
  • A Letter to My Father by Anonymous (58)
  • Why Did It Have to Be... ?, part three by H. Ravenwood (62)
  • Allies, part nine by John Jones IX (70)
  • Things to Come (78)
  • Acknowledgements (84)

Issue 12

Purple & Orange? 12 was published in 1982 and contains 126 pages.

cover of issue #12

It contains Galactica, Pegasus, Osiris, and Dementia stories by Sharon Monroe, Anne Cecil, Lee Gaul, Clyde Jones, Kim McKinstry, Gene Hermsen, and others.

  • Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide (3)
  • Message from the Editor: On Plagiarism and Fraud (4)
  • Editorial: Words from a No-Longer Innocent Bystander (14)
  • Staff Biography: Who Am I? (15)
  • That Special Day, fiction by Sharon Monroe (16)
  • Ariadne's Notebook: Part One by Kim McKinstry (20)
  • Purple and Orange? mail order information (21)
  • Easy Looking, conclusion by Anne Cecil (22)
  • Another Survivor, fiction by H. Ravenwood (28)
  • Fledgling by Marj Ihassen (40)
  • A Matter of Principles, fiction by Gene Hermsen (42)
  • Ariadne's Notebook: Part Two by Kim McKinstry (53)
  • "V" is for... Visitor?, fiction by Clyde Jones (54)
  • Personal Log: Flight Sergeant Mara by Karen Pauli (64)
  • Gathering by Lee Gaul (66)
  • Last Son of Caprica by Paul Gordon (76)
  • Why Did It Have to Be...?, part four by H. Ravenwood (80)
  • A Matter of Perspective, fiction by Mary Jean Holmes (90)
  • Allies, part ten by John Jones IX (108)
  • Ariadne's Notebook: Part Three by Kim McKinstry (114)
  • From Deep Space (116)
  • Acknowledgments (122)
  • art by Doug Rice, Frank Liltz and more

Issue 13

Purple & Orange? 13 was published in September 1982 and contains 92 pages.

partial cover of #13
  • Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide (3)
  • Editorial: On Plagiarism and Fraud, part 2 (4)
  • Playing the Odds, fiction by Lee Gaul (6)
  • Ballad of the Lost Scorpion, song or filk by Keith M. Golburg (10)
  • The Ultimate Victor, fiction by Mary S. Jones (12)
  • Purple and Orange? mail order information (17)
  • Day of Discovery, fiction by Heather Simmons (18)
  • Private Log -- Flight Sergeant Mara, by Karen Pauli (29)
  • To Love Another, fiction by J. Matthew Kennedy (30)
  • Staff Biography: Larry Monroe (38)
  • Adiadne's Notebook, part four by Kim McKinstry (39)
  • Knit One, Purl, Too by Karen Pauli (40)
  • Potsherds, fiction by Mary Jean Holmes (42)
  • The History of the Twelve Colonies, Exodus, the beginning of a complete history of the Colonies by Sharon Monroe (50)
  • Staff Biography: Sharon Monroe (58)
  • The Future, poem by Alyns Lawchilde (59)
  • Why Did It Have to Be...?, part six by H. Ravenwood (60)
  • Allies, conclusion, fiction by John Jones IX (68)
  • From Deep Space (Locs?) (83)
  • Acknowledgments (84)
  • Allies, the conclusion by John Jones IX

Issue 14

cover of issue #14

Purple & Orange? 14 was published in 1982 and contains 112 pages. It is an all-Osiris issue.

flyer for issue #14

It contains some Osiris stories previously published in Purple and Orange

From the flyer:
Due to popular demand, we have reprinted several of our readers' favourite stories about the battlestarTM OSIRIS, sent on a mission of stellar exploration four yahrens before the Destruction of the Colonies. Included with these stories are several new OSIRIS adventures, and Part VII of the on-going tale of the OSIRIS landing party on Byzel, "Why Did It Have to Be...?"

On the pages of PURPLE AND ORANGE? #14, you will meet new members of the OSIRIS crew and will be able to renew acquaintances with old friends. Here, you will find:

- Allahara, a beautiful alien huntress, drawn to the music of the Piper...
- Clem, who lurks, a demon, in the dark...
- Miss Davenport, with two names, and a passion for ...books... !
- Dion, one-time hero of the Colonial Fleet, a man with a past...
- Freya, she of the abundant hair and caustic tongue -- who boards the OSIRIS to escape a daggit...
- Garnyd, a young man who tells a remarkably unremarkable tale — but doesn't tell all...
- Jason, Chief Engineer — and chief brewmaster...
- Jones, gunnery sergeant and hedge wizard...
- Kari Shadowstar, a castaway, lost and far from home, from a galaxy far, far away...
-Morgan, brilliant Viper pilot and astrophysicist, with a dark secret he fears to reveal...
- Tanis, a sentiologist with an archaic weapon and a terrible fear. ..
And others, too — Christopher, Diana, Alexandra, Thing, Draco, Flicka, Mara, Alix, Darian, Arion... The crew of the OSIRIS fills the pages of PURPLE AND ORANGE? #14 with drama, adventure, fantasy, and romance. Join them for hours -- centars.' -- of pleasure and entertainment.
  • Message from the Editor: From Space -- Deep, and Not So Very (3)
  • The Sin of the Father, fiction by John Jones IX (4)
  • Some Things Remembered, fiction by Pat Knol (16)
  • Purple and Orange? mail order information (21)
  • Osiris Brewing, fiction by Larry Monroe (22)
  • On the Media Scene (25)
  • Deathwatch, fiction by Clyde Jones (26)
  • Morgan, fiction by David Morgan (30)
  • The Ultimate Weapon, fiction by David Morgan (35)
  • Diana's Journal: Draco (39)
  • Freya, fiction by Lisa Golladay (40)
  • The Demon, fiction by Lisa Golladay (46)
  • Mara, fiction by Karen Pauli (50)
  • Mara's Log: Pyramid Power? (55)
  • Bereft, fiction by Mary Jean Holmes (56)
  • Diana's Journal: Flicka (62)
  • Not What He Seems, fiction by Gene Hermsen (64)
  • It's All in the Name, fiction by Mary Wood (68)
  • Osiris Word Find by Deanna MacKenn (71)
  • Gunnery Notes: Little Things (72)
  • Alexandra, fiction by Sharon Monroe (74)
  • Why Did It Have to Be...?, part seven by H. Ravenwood (78)
  • End of Solitude, fiction by Linda Ruth Pfonner (88)
  • Purple and Orange? #14 (103)
  • Acknowledgements (104)

Issue 15

cover of issue #15

Purple & Orange? 15 was published in 1983 and contains 102 pages.

  • Message from the Editor: Four Years Later (4)
  • Purple and Orange? Readers' Survey -- 1982 Results (6)
  • From Deep Space... Literally (8)
  • Foundation, fiction by Marcia Brin (10)
  • The Ultimate Victor (part two) by Mary S. Jones (20)
  • Aftermath, fiction by Katherine Gillen (30)
  • Starbuck's Return, fiction by Cynthia Greer (50)
  • Rival, fiction by Roberta Stuemeke (56)
  • The Warrior's Creed, poem by Keith M. Golburg (75)
  • Why Did It Have to Be...?, part eight by H. Ravenwood (76)
  • Acknowledgments (89)
  • Purple and Orange? mail order information (90)
  • Osiris Publications Special Announcement (94)
  • Ads (95)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 15

Technical things first: The zine is well put together and presents a nice, even appearance for the most part. The artwork ranges from excellent to moderately good to even poor in a couple of occasions. Typos are so few as to not even be worth mentioning... The major emphasis of the large majority of the stories is Galactica's 'younger generation' -- Apollo, Starbuck, Sheba, Athena and Cassiopeia. Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh are present, to be sure, but they seem to be little more than 'givers of sage advice' (which the younger people invariably ignore!) for the most part. However, that is no necessarily a bad point for this zine. The stories about the youngest crewmembers of the Galactica are basically very entertaining. My personal favorote is 'Rival' by Roberta Stuemeke. It is basically an 'Althena finds true love' story which I'm sure appealed to me because I've always liked the character of Althena, and it seems that so little was ever actually done with the character. While the story is written in five parts, the story is complete in this issue. [This] brings me to what I consider to be the only really irritating thing about the zine. There is a fair amount of 'continued stories,' which, of course, leave the reader hanging either with a beginning and no ending, or an ending with no beginning, or a middle with no beginning AND no ending! Since this is issue #15, I suppose I should have been prepared for a certain amount of that, but still is a pet peeve of mine to have to seek out previous or future issues to finish a story. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give this zine a 7. [1]

Issue 16

Purple & Orange? 16 was published in 1984 and contains 110 pages.

The artists are Gennie Summers, Mel White, Karen River, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Joan Hanke-Woods, Mary Jean Holmes, Curt Lawhorn, Frank Liltz, G. Llewellyn, Sharon Monroe, and Karien Pauli.

"Following is one of the only true "letters of comment" PURPLE AND ORANGE? has ever received, We want to share It with all our readers, and especially with Lee and Sharon... From [Judith G] of Columbus, Indiana: 'I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed THE BATTLE OF MOLUKAI. It didn't take long to read — Just one long evening. I couldn't get myself to do anything but read TBOM. My compliments to the authors, Lee Gaul and Sharon Monroe. I thought the battle descriptions were very well done."

cover of issue #16
  • Message from the Editor: Official Guide-Lines (3)
  • They Always Serve by Marcia Brin (4)
  • Resident Aliens, story by Linda Ruth Pfonner (12)
  • Soliloquy of a Viper Pilot by Karen Welkert (23)
  • The Ultimate Victor, part 3 by Mary S. Jones (Can Marisoo save Apollo and Starbuck from sacrifice to the Ancient Ones?)
  • Mara's Journal: Uniform of the Day? (40)
  • Lost and Found by Cynthia Greer (44)
  • If I Have a Sneeze that Can Move Mountains (the force with Kari Shadowstar) by Mary Jean Holmes (48)
  • Prince for a Day by Karen Klinck (a Starbuck story) (62)
  • TIY's Log (78)
  • Letter of Comment (81) (see above)
  • Why Did It Have to Be... part 9 by H. Ravenwood (82)
  • From Deep Space (107)
  • Acknowledgments (109)

Issue 17

Purple & Orange? 17 was published in 1984 and contains 90 pages. The art is by Mea Culpa, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Mary Jean Holmes, Frank Liltz, J.D. Rich, Gennie Summers, and Mel White.

cover of issue #17
  • Editorial: Some Thoughts on Media Science Fiction and Fantasy by Joy Carole Harrison (3)
  • Entrapment by Karen Klinck (4)
  • The Gift by Mary Robertson (7)
  • Furlough by Doris Fishbein (8)
  • The Ultimate Victor, part 4 by Mary S. Jones (24)
  • Heroes by Mary Robertson (33)
  • Construction Zone by J.D. Rich (34)
  • Old Friends by Lee Gaul (38)
  • Reflections of the Heart by Mary Robertson (56)
  • Pegasus Word Find by Deanna MacKenn (57)
  • Meeting of Minds by John Jones IX and Joy Harrison (58)
  • Official Guidelines for Purple and Orange? (75)
  • Why Did It Have to Be... ? part 10 by H. Ravenwood (76)
  • Acknowledgments (89)

Issue 18

Purple & Orange? 18 was published in 1985 and contains 114 pages. The art is by Mea Culpa [2], Meredith L. Evans, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Mary Jean Holmes, Karen River, Gordon Smuder, Mel White, and Gennie Summers.

front cover of issue #18
back cover of issue #18
  • Portraits for the Galactica - 1 by Marcia Brin (3)
  • Guest Editorial: To a Mundane ("or What to Say to Your Mother When She Finds Out You Write/Illustrate/Edit/Publish a Fanzine") by Sharon Monroe (4)
  • From the Adama Journal (5)
  • Never Take Rides from Strangers by Anne Cecil and Sharon Giacomo (6) (in which we meet Medea, Silver, and the Greenies from the Galactica) (6)
  • Why Did It Have to Be Me? part 21A by H. Ravenwood (46)
  • Tanis by Karen River (61)
  • Little Sister by Paul Gordon (62)
  • The Ultimate Victor, part five, by Mary S. Jones (78)
  • Why Did It Have to Be Me? part 21B by H. Ravenwood (88)
  • Portraits for the Galactica - 2 by Marcia Brin (102)
  • Acknowledgements (103)

Issue 19

Purple & Orange? 19 was published in 1986 and contains 92 pages.

cover of issue #19, Joan Hanke-Woods

The managing editor was Joy Harrison, the editor was Sharon Monroe, the editor's editor was Clarissa Vader, the art editor was David Morgan, the humor editor was Lisa Golladay, and the editorial assistant was J.D. Rich.

Art was by Tom Artis, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Joan Hanke-Woods, and Gordon Smuder.

From the first article about the Challenger:
As we prepare this issue #19 of PURPLE & ORANGE? for publication, word comes to us of the terrible tragedy at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Like so many millions of others around the world, we watch the tapes of Challenger's violent end, and we mourn. While we have never been a great fan of the space shuttle, feeling as we do that it has drawn too much time and too many resources from what we as an astronomer consider far more immediate scientific endeavours, we nevertheless have always seen it as a vital step in mankind's exploration of the universe. Perhaps other steps should have come first; perhaps other programs should have had priority. But we firmly believe the stars represent our destiny, and if we do not strive for them, our race must eventually be doomed to extinction, trapped as we are now on the surface of one small planet.
From the editorial regarding Survive the Alliance:
At MediaWest*Con V, last May, a panel was held to discuss the relative merits of V: THE SERIES. During the course of that panel, it was pointed out that there were a number of plausible connections between that television series and another, many years cancelled, called BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. A small group of die-hards continued that discussion late into the night...

Wha'da'ya'mean? Of course we were sober! Hmmph! Major arguments. The Cylons were created by a reptilian race long ago, which then apparently became extinct, according to Captain Apollo. It is possible, considering the apparent nature cf the Cylons, that they turned on and exterminated their creators. The reptilian Visitors needed raw materials and food supplies to continue a battle against an implacable foe of long standing — perhaps a self-created enemy? The Visitors refer to their supreme commander as the "Leader." To the Cylons, he (she? it?) is referred to as "Imperious Leader." A coincidence, or a common past? As the discussion continued, it occurred to someone that there were enough connecting points to make a very interesting and even plausible cross-universe tale. Our very irreverent Editorial Assistant (hereafter referred to as Ed. Ass.) suggested that characters from several other California-based series, such as AIRWOLF, KNIGHT RIDER, REMINGTON STEELE and THE A-TEAM could participate in the action. The result of that convention's kibitzing begins in this issue of PURPLE AND ORANGE?, on page 54. The basic premise is simple. GALACTICA reaches Earth — and finds the shining planet occupied by the Visitors. The Visitors are fighting the Cylons. The Cylons picked up the same signals as our Intrepid Colonials, and are now closing on Earth as well. The Cylons hate everybody. The Visitors and the Colonials have no reason to trust each other. The Earth humans have no reason to trust anybody -- either the Visitors or their space-going brothers (another trick?). Get the picture? It's a universe of our media favourites. If he/she/it appears on television or in the movies, he/she/it could appear 1n "Survive the Alliance." And it's not a private playground ~ there's lots of room for you and your creations. Wide open. For just about anything and anybody. You're welcome to join us there. As long as it works, and there's a reasonable explanation for it. (Authors' and editors' discretion, of course. We have a vested interest in the quality of the universe.)

Oh, the title? There's a line a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (the movie), as the humans evacuate the Colonies and head for Carillon, in which Commander Adanta states, "The human race might have one more chance, but first it would have to survive the alliance, the elements, and the unknown dark and sinister threats which would lie ahead." (By the time this story's done, those "dark and sinister threats" may look like a high school dance — not so bad, in retrospect.)

  • In Memoriam [sic]: Space Shuttle #25 (3)
  • From the Editor: Some Thoughts on Challenger (4)
  • History of the Twelve Colonies: "First Chronicles," fiction by Sharon Monroe (6)
  • Commander by Karen Klinck (13)
  • Career Section by Karen Klinck (14)
  • A Way Out by Paul Gordon (30)
  • The Enemy by Karen Klinck (40)
  • Alexandra's Diary: The Great Stuffed Theodore Caper (41)
  • Night Thoughts by Mary Robertson (45)
  • Pit Stop by Clyde Jones and Robert Smerp (46)
  • Friend by Karen Klinck (53)
  • The Unknown Knight by Karen Klinck (53)
  • Grumblings by Mary Robertson (53)
  • Journey's End In... by Sharon Monroe and J.D. Rich (a story in which the Galactica meets the Visitors in a new series, revised and printed as part of Survive the Alliance) (54)
  • Why Did it Have to Be ...?, part 22 by H. Ravenwood (70)
  • Love Song (To a Viper) by Karen Klinck (85)
  • From Deep Space (86)
  • Scorecard: Wha' Happ'n, Mon (87)
  • Acknowledgements (91)

Issue 20

Purple & Orange? 20 was published in 1986 and contains 85 pages. The art is by Barbara Fister-Liltz, Gennie Summers, Karen Pauli, Doug Rice, Karen River, Gordon Smuder, Elaine Tripp, and Mel White.

front cover of issue #20
back cover of issue #20

This issue contains a long article on the different universes (main canon) and fan-created alternate universe, that zines published by this publisher follow.

From the first article, "Fleet":
Seven years. This MediaWest*Con, #6, marks the seventh anniversary of the first appearance of PURPLE AND ORANGE? Things have changed since then. A little one-shot zine became downright ambitious, when its original staff decided to continue publishing on a regular basis. P£0? became OSIRIS Publications, and now has under its belt twenty regular issues, five novels, a "blue" issue, and a parody-play. The staff has changed with time, as interests shifted and jobs, lack of time, or personal crisis drew some away. New people discovered the zine, and devoted time and effort to it.

We continue. Future publication plans include three more novels, possibly another "blue" special, and several story lines that will take four or five issues to resolve, all of which will carry us at least two or three years into the future — and that's not counting anything else we come up with between now and then! That doesn't mean each issue is full — far from it; it just means we're committed to continue for that many issues to complete everything we've begun. The years have been good, and the future looks bright for the fans at OSIRIS Publications.

Seven years, however, is a long time, especially in a hobby that can shift radically over a few months, as a new television series begins, and an old one is cancelled; or a new movie hits the screens and makes a splash; or a new book opens fannish eyes to a different world and a different way of looking at life, the universe, and every thing. We have noticed a group of questions about P&O? that have been asked with increasing frequency, especially over the past few months. We've been around for seven years; those of us who've read the zine from the beginning know what's going on, but for our new fans, some of our stories are obviously confusing. So we're going to take a little space to tell you What's Going On in PURPLE AND ORANGE?, starting with The Ships. [see Osiris Publications for more info on the different universes]... We think you see the kind of variety P&O? has, and the potential. We started with the series, and the books, and GALACTICA: 1980, and we took it from there. We like our little zine, and we want you to like it, too. If you have questions about anything, or story ideas you'd like to discuss, feel free to contact us, or talk to us at conventions. We like meeting new people, and we're willing to take time for you. without your input, how will we know what you want to see in these pages?
  • From the Editor: The Purple and Orange? Fleet (3)
  • In Memoriam: Ray Milland (5)
  • Starbuck's Lady by Sarah Whitney (6)
  • Continuation by Mary Robertson (17)
  • Silver Tears by Mary Robertson (17)
  • And If Thou Wilt by Elaine Tripp (18)
  • Medicine in the Galactica Universe: A Synopsis (25)
  • David by J.D. Rich (28)
  • Battlestar by Karen Klinck (31)
  • Battlestar Hiroshima?? by Gordon Smuder (32)
  • Gunnery Notes: Party by Clyde Jones (36)
  • Survive the Alliance: New Frontiers by Sharon Monroe and J.D. Rich (second part of a story in which the Galactica meets the Visitors in a new series, revised and printed as part of Survive the Alliance) (48)
  • Why Did It Have to Be...? part 23 by H. Ravenwood (64) (the conclusion)
  • From Deep Space (80)
  • Scorecard: Michael Who? ("Apollo becomes prisoner of a car. A new type of combat award is invented when a party goes awry. And what happened if Battlestar Galactica had been invented in Japan?") (81)
  • Acknowledgments (84)


  1. from Datazine #27
  2. This was likely Joy Harrison, see Media Fandom Oral History Project Interview with Joy Harrison.