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Name: KOZ
Alias(es): Paulie Gilmore, PJ Morvant-Alexander, Paullé, P.J. Alexander, Peej, PeeJ, PJ Alexander, KOZ, Xenobia [1]
Type: fanartist
Fandoms: 21 Jump Street, Beauty and the Beast, Man From UNCLE, Miami Vice, Professionals, Quantum Leap, Sentinel, Starsky & Hutch, X-Files Dr. Who, Alien Nation, Robin of Sherwood, Equalizer, Starsky and Hutch, Kiefer/Lou, Invisible Man,Due South
URL: early art archived here
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KOZ, (or "Kísma Oz") is one pseud for a well-known fanartist and writer, also known as "Paulie."

She is also the publisher of Otter Limits Press/The Presses.

KOZ has illustrated many zines. She became involved in media fandom in 1988 [2] and has illustrated many fan stories: "I have always enjoyed putting the words of talented fan authors into an art form by illustrating their fiction." KOZ was self taught, having used all the Walter Foster books and Cañedo's Book of The Figure to train herself in drawing. She had no art classes in either elementary or high school. However, in 1966 she was accepted into the Ray Vogue School of Design in Chicago, but soon transferred to the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. She graduated on the Dean's List.

She has worked within The Sentinel and X-Files, Starsky & Hutch, Miami Vice, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., 21 Jump Street, and many other fandoms, both gen and slash. Her romantic slash work has won much attention. Her illustrations are well-known as she has a very recognizable style.[3] From City of Byzantium, which she illustrated, she writes that KOZ equals "Kyzma Oz" and that is is a "'first-wave' U.N.C.L.E. fan."

Outside of fanwork, KOZ also published professionally, producing at least one novel in 2013 on Amazon called Relevance (The Magarelli Series Book 1). This was published under her pseud PJ Morvant-Alexander, which may have possibly been her real name. [4] While the pseud KOZ had a personal website that went down around 2000 or 2001, she had another personal website for PJ Morvant-Alexander here. This website has no more captures past 2016.

Also see her Goodreads page: P.J. Morvant-Alexander (Author of Relevance), Archived version.

KOZ has given blanket permission for her art to appear on Fanlore.

KOZ passed away, possibly in 2017.


  • 1987 Best 'Zine -- Self-Contained Novel: The Nowhere Man Affair (edited by Paulie and published under her pseud PJ Morvant-Alexander)
  • 1989 'Zine: 11 & 2 #3, Edited by Paulie & Tami Marie


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  1. ^ "We have been asked by Paulie to make a couple of statements on her behalf. First, she would like it announced to those who asked that she and Xenobia are the same person. Xenobia is the name she uses when doing art nouveau." -- from the editorial in Facets #5 (1980). Issue #4 of that zine series credits Paulie as "Zenobia," but that appears to be a typo.
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