Doin' the Job

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Title: Doin' the Job
Publisher: issue #1 by Be True To Your Press, issue #2 by Monte Cristo - Amethyst Press
Editor(s): Kitty Woldow
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Lethal Weapon
Language: English
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Doin' the Job is a gen Lethal Weapon anthology.

Issue 1

Doin' the Job 1 is a collection of 12 stories and 127 pages long. It was published in 1988 (there was a second printing in 1989). Artwork and stories by L.A. Adolf, Cathy Fraser, L.A. Carr, C.V. Woldow and more.

From an ad in GAZ:
Comb bound reprint, with a monochrome laminated cover by Dani. Interior illos by Johanna Bolton, highlighting stories by LA Carr, LA Adolf, Kitty Woldow, and others. Lots of bonking on Martin, lots of great smarm, and a couple scenes and a plot device deemed good enough to be lifted virtually whole for the second movie.
  • Out Of The Living by LA Adolf (4 pages)
  • The Sport Of Madmen by Cathy Fraser & L.A. Carr (3 pages)
  • Into The Light by Carr Woldow (9 pages)
  • Water From The Moon by LA Adolf (25 pages)
  • Pushing Away The Clouds by Cheryl Sulls (21 pages)
issue #1, a monochrome laminated cover by Dani

THE DeBURGIAN UNIVERSE by C.V. Woldow and L.A. Carr

  • Brushfire (5 pages)
  • Borderline (5 pages)
  • Jigsaw (27 pages)
  • Communique (1 page)
  • Hold On (3 pages)
  • Sound Of A Gun (22 pages)
  • No Way Out (2 pages)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Frank Liltz

Doin' the Job 2 was published in May 1991 and contains 145 pages. Art by: Frank Liltz, Ruth Kurz, Pauli, Sheila Paulson, and Doranna Shiner.

It was edited by Kitty Woldow.

The editor apologizes for this zine being more than a year late to see print and thanks the contributors for being patient with this delay.

From the submission request from GAZ:
Even better than the first, this zine already has acover by Frank Liltz and more fiction from LACarr. Lisa Adolf, Cinda Gillilan, Kitty Woldow, L Neil Smith, and more, with art by Johanna Bolton, Doranna Shiner, Paull. and Ruth Kurz.. But that doesn't mean you can't join, too! Looking for more smarmy stories and interior artwork, but not too thrilled about poetry or other filler. Let's give them something great to swipe for the third movie! Final production will be perfect bound, with usual standard of quality in printface and paper you've come to expect from me.
  • Endings and Beginnings by Tina Phillips
  • Claim Staked and Filed by Lyn Miller
  • That Old Black Magic, by Cinda Gillilan (reprinted in Black Magic #1 and My Name Ain't Mary Sue! #1)
  • Absolution by Tina Phillips
  • Such Men Are Dangerous by L. Neil Smith
  • Once Upon A Time by Tina Phillips
  • Cheer Down by L.A. Adolf and Jacqueline Taero
  • Friendship and Friendship by Cheryl Sulls
  • Shadows and Lights by L.A. Carr and C.V. Woldow