Come to Your Senses

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Title: Come to Your Senses
Publisher: Whatever You Do, Don't Press (#1-#9), then Agent With Style (#9-#28)
Date(s): May 1997-May 2004
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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Come to Your Senses is a slash Sentinel anthology.

General Reactions and Reviews

The workhorse of Sen fanzines. The writers are a diverse group. Mysti has no problem with tossing disturbing fics at the reader. She delights in publishing in silly stories, hurt/comfort wallows, romances, and primal sentinel sex. They're the fanzines that I started with, and I still have a soft spot for them. [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, TACS

Come to Your Senses 1 was published in May 1997 and is 177 pages long with a cover by TACS and interior art by MegaRed.

From the editor:

Welcome to the first issue! Here you'll find some wonderful stones and ideas that will keep you spellbound, make you laugh, make you cry, but most of all, make you think. And perhaps write a story of your own?

This zine was a pleasure to put together, and not just because I love this fandom so much. Well, then again, maybe it is. If it weren't for the great fen on Senad who gave my alter ego a safe place to play, Editor would have probably killed me and taken over my body. (Who would have noticed, right?) But, Editor wants to insert here, when she kills a character, by Goddess, that character is staying dead!

Herein you'll find, at the end of several stories, some small extracts that are known as drabbles. A drabble can only run 100 words, no more, no less (count one and see!), and the author tries to capture a mood or feeling or strong emotion within those 100 words. I think Sherry has done an excellent job with these. That's who wrote all these drabbles, by the way. Sherry Zoeller. I mention this because I didn't realize until I had printed up the zine for the last time that I had neglected to put her name on any of her work. Ulp! Mea culpa. Sorry about that, Sherry. But, hey! It got you mentioned in the editorial!

The second issue of this zine is debuting for Mountain Media Con in July, 1997, so all you authors out there, send me a story! Let's make Come to Your Senses a tradition for years to come!

Now, I'm going back to finish up the other 10 zines I'm doing for MediaWest. You go read now. But always remember, stones are like elevators...

Reactions and Review: Issue 1

The stories in Come to Your Senses 1 and 2 were all so good... I think the one which moved me the most was" Guardian Angel" (-by MegaRed-). I read that at class and I started crying. I got some weird looks and one girl asked if I was okay. Told her I was and let her read it... she was a little choked up. She said that slash wasn't her cup or tea, but she was impressed with the story. I said that I would get her some gen stories to read...So, to all the authors out there, keep up the good work and write more. I'm starving! [2]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, TACS, , nominated for a STIFfie; a variation of this art is used in The Jungle Book

Come to Your Senses 2 was published in July 1997 and is 168 pages long. The cover is by TACS. It contains no interior art.

  • A Fine Romance by Terence 1
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls by R'rain 13
  • Piercing Blue by Dean Warner 33
  • In the Name of Love by Jennifer Riddler 44
  • Blair in All His Phases by Dallas Tejas 71
  • Plain Ol' Vanilla by BCW 72
  • A Positive Sign by Gillian Middleton 79
  • Leading By Example by Noel Goddard 93 (Blair convinces Jim to come out of the closet.)
  • Some You Win by Katrina Bowen 98
  • Moving On by Siren 108
  • In Harm's Way by Yvonne S. McCool 114

Reactions and Review: Issue 2

The stories in Come to Your Senses 1 and 2 were all so good... I liked "In Harm's Way" (by Yvonne S. McCool). I loved the way Jim struggled with Blair's handicap (CTYS2).... to all the authors out there, keep up the good work and write more. I'm starving! [3]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, TACS

Come to Your Senses 3 was published in 1997 and is 175 pages long. The cover is by TACS.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

See reactions and reviews for Reunion.
[zine]: Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed Come to Your Senses 3. As a "new" slashfic writer. It was very cool seeing something that I wrote published somewhere, as I've never had anything published before. Once I overcame the initial giddiness of seeing my name in print, I read the other stories in the zine, and was impressed. This was also the first fanzine I'd ever seen and the quality of the writing was excellent All the stories were well-written and enjoyable, I loved it! As with any collection of stories, one or two usually stand out, and for me the two that I really enjoyed were R'rain's "Father's Day" and Candy Apple's 'To Have and to Hold." And, of course, TACS cover art was beautiful. On the more technical side, the layout was nice and it was easy to read, which is so very important in any sort of publication. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed the zine and look forward to getting more of them in the future. Thank you. [4]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, TACS

Come to Your Senses 4 was published in 1997 and contains 181 pages. The cover is by TACS.

  • Letters of Comment by D. Readers 1
  • A Matter of Time by Katrina Bowen 5
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes by Aimee 9
  • Stalking by Legion 11
  • To Form a More Perfect Union by CKC 36
  • Guide Envy by Sarah and Sabra 46
  • The Blackmailer's Charter by Gillian Middleton 47
  • Missing in Action by Wanda Luttrell 64
  • Shadow War by sasquash 70
  • The Very First Time by Stacy L. A. Stronach 115
  • Mistaken Identity by IDP 121
  • Penance by Kim Gasper 125

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, TACS

Come to Your Senses 5 was published in March 1998 and contains 188 pages. The cover is by TACS.

  • Close Contact by Amanda Fox 1
  • What If It's You? by Wanda 15
  • Crisis by Gillian Middleton 19
  • Choices by Debbi Bailey 29
  • Satin Sheets by R'rain 54
  • To Establish Justice by CKC 59
  • Simon Sees by Gena Fisher 75
  • If You Asked Me To Candy Apple 80 (A revelation of love leads to a moment of violence. Can Jim and Blair overcome the obstacles between them and the life they want together?)
  • Firelight by R'rain by 113
  • The Fool by J.M. Griffin 117
  • Balancing Act by Grey 127
  • My Beautiful Love by Stacy L.A. Stronach 146
  • What's in a Name? by Terence 154
  • The Kid by CD Phelps 172
  • Spontaneity by Pumpkin 181

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, KOZ

Come to Your Senses 6 was published in April 1998 and is 191 pages long.

  • Letters of Comment by Youse Guys 1
  • Trick or Treat by CD Phelps 2
  • Words (Blair) by J.M. Griffin 11
  • Smoke by Katrina Bowen 12
  • Erudition by Frances Redding 17
  • Losing Control by Gena Fisher 30
  • Cross Purposes by Terence 40
  • Dance of Life by Caitlin Stewart 51
  • Passes by Jenny Saypaw 74
  • Awakening by J.M. Griffin 84
  • Words (Jim) by J.M. Griffin 86
  • For Granted by Grey 87
  • Guiding Flight by Emrys 98
  • No Forevers by Debbi Bailey 103
  • Renewal by Legion 116
  • Slick by J.M. Griffin 137
  • Rage On by Pumpkin 139
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night by Mercury 156
  • April Fools by Astolat 181
  • All limericks and Shaman Goose Nursery Rhymes by Wolfine

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

Must be read for Debbi Bailey's 'No Forevers', Legion's 'Renewel', Pumpkin's 'Rage On', [Astolat]'s 'April Fools' and Nursury Rhymes by Wolfine!!! [5]

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, KOZ

Come to Your Senses 7 was published in May 1998 and is 198 pages long. The cover is by KOZ.

  • Crash Space by Terence 1
  • Playing Games by Owlet 12
  • Symbiosis by J.M. Griffin 15
  • It's a Small, Small, Small, Small World by Pantera 26
  • Through the Barricades by Lynn Montgomery 29
  • Five Days by K. Ann Yost 86
  • Yoga Exercises by Lianne Burwell 92
  • The Shower by Pumpkin 97
  • Ordinary World by Stacy L.A. Stronach 102
  • Understanding by Grey 121
  • I'll Catch You by Scout 136
  • The Elemental Man by Legion 143
  • Right Behind Him by Owlet 166
  • Style by Cori Lannam 170
  • The Sentinel by Deb Rowland 184
  • Bonds That Tie by Summer Rain, Wanda, Wolfling 190
  • All limericks and Shaman Goose Nursery Rhymes by Wolfine

Issue 8

cover of issue #8, KOZ

Come to Your Senses 8 was published in July 1998 and contains 197 pages. The cover is by KOZ.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

[Ever After]: No disrespect to Myrna, but I detested Ever After, probably since it was so well-written, and did exactly what it was supposed to: reduce me to tears. I read it once, and never again.") [6]

Issue 9

cover of issue #9, Karen River

Come to Your Senses 9 was published in September 1998 and contains 204 pages. Art by Kathy Max. The cover is by Karen River.

  • Control by Pumpkin 1
  • Memory's Heritage by Grey 6
  • Room Enough by Cori Lannam 18
  • Limerick by Wolfine 29
  • Body Count by J.M. Griffin 30
  • All I Want for Christmas... by Lynn Montgomery 42
  • Limerick by Wolfine 77
  • Max by Emma Woodhouse 78
  • Two of a Kind by Debbi Bailey 95

Issue 10

cover of issue #10, Karen River

Come to Your Senses 10 was published in October 1998 and contains 187 pages. The front cover is by Karen River.

This issue of "Come to Your Senses" was the first zine advertised through the name Agent With Style. [7]

  • Going Home by The Lady of Shalott 1
  • Orders by NovaD 19
  • Cry for a Shadow by Gena Fisher 29
  • Limerick by Wolfine 62
  • I Believe in Us by Marag 63
  • Cartoon by Jane Mailander 79
  • Red Treasure by Grey 80
  • Shaman Goose Nursery Rhyme by Wolfine 117
  • Stabilizing Influence by Debbi Bailey 118
  • Limerick by Wolfine 125
  • Most Loved by J.M. Griffin 126
  • Symbiosis by Jane Mailander 142
  • Beware the Ides of February by Lynn Montgomery 143
  • Cartoon by Jane Mailander 187

Issue 11

cover of issue #11, TM Alexander

Come to Your Senses 11 was published in February 1999 and is 195 pages long. The front cover is by TM Alexander.

  • A Hard Job by Texas Ranger 1
  • Primative Masculine Possession Rituals by Lynn Montgomery 12
  • How Like A Winter by Fortuita James 27
  • Justify My Love by Texas Ranger 35
  • Dark Touches by Grey 39
  • The Scars That Remain by Jane Mailander 57
  • Mother May by Saraid 66
  • Megan Muses by Gena Fisher 113
  • In Shadow of Night by TigerTyger 120

Issue 12

cover of issue #12, Lyrade

Come to Your Senses 12 was published in March 1999 and is 175 pages long. The interior art is by Sorka and the cover by Lyrade.

  • The Little Things in Life by Katrina Bowen 1
  • Rainy Days by Geli 6
  • Wolfine's Wonders by Wolfine 10
  • Pretty in Pink by Quin Rhodes 11
  • Wolfine's Wonders by Wolfine 17
  • To the Mountaintop by J.C. 18
  • Moonlight and Marlene Dietrich by Texas Ranger 36
  • Wolfine's Wonders by Wolfine 39
  • Blue Christmas by Debra Fran Baker 40
  • Wolfine's Wonders by Wolfine 44
  • To See, To Seek, To Find by Strange Music 45
  • Wolfine's Wonders by Wolfine 48
  • The Hazards of Camping by Banshee 49
  • Drawing Conclusions by Stacy Stronach 71
  • Wolfine's Wonders by Wolfine 78
  • Beautiful Man, Sexy Man by Owlet 79
  • Just Another Day by Texas Ranger 84
  • Turning Point by Rayden Star 88
  • Wolfine's Wonders by Wolfine 110
  • William Wonders by Gena Fisher 111
  • Autumn Winds by J.M. Griffin 118
  • Wolfine's Wonders by Wolfine 127
  • Winter Games by NovaD 128
  • Headcase by Grey 136
  • Wolfine's Wonders by Wolfine 175

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 12

A damned good read! Funny stories, good POV stories, lovely angst fic... Just a well-rounded, excellent zine. Highlights for me included 'The Little Things in Life' by Katrina Bowen (a humorous look at how Simon, Joel, Rafe, Henri and Megan view Blair and Jim), 'Rainy Days' by Geli (a fun 'first time' story), 'The Hazards of Camping' by Banshee (just beautiful and sweet!), 'Turning Point' by Rayden Star (a 'Jim-and-Blair-are-kidnapped' story that is fresh and original, and just plain WOW!), 'William Wonders' by Gena Fisher (a POV from Jim's father), and 'Headcase' by Grey (an intense and emotionally engrossing kidnap and aftermath story). I had only one complaint with this zine, which is one I hesitate to mention. It regarded the cover of the zine. Umm, now as much as I - appreciate - the inclusion of a full frontal nude drawing of Blair, it really does make hiding your slash addiction from those you live with difficult. A picture of Blair and Jim on the zine cover, fully clothed, can be explained away as "cop show stories", and most lose interest. The cover of this zine, um, didn't really allow that. Much as I liked it, I really wish it hadn't been on the cover. :-) [8]

Issue 13

cover of issue #13, K9

Come to Your Senses 13 was published in April 1999 and contains 209 pages. The cover is by K9.

  • Sheep in Wolf's Clothing by Quin Rhodes 1
  • Through the Valley by J.C 4
  • A Snowball's Chance in Hell by Owlet 19
  • With Honor by K. Ann Yost 22
  • The Fort by Texas Ranger 29
  • In a Million Years by J.M Griffin 34
  • The Right Setting by Bog 35
  • Loving Him by J.M Griffin 43
  • Together, Separately by Quin Rhodes 49
  • Tales from Shaman Goose by Wolfine 52
  • Remind Me by Grey 53
  • Present in Body by Fortuita James 76
  • Insight by J.C 80
  • A Kiss To Build a Dream on by Shanny 92
  • Who's in Control? by Pumpkin 95
  • Honest Words by Virginia Vaughn 100
  • The Paws That Refreshes by Shanny 122
  • Tales from Shaman Goose by Wolfine 123
  • Tribal Fantasies by Angie T. 124
  • Chasing Blue Skies by Ulalame and Mercury 127
  • Tales from Shaman Goose by Wolfine 209

Issue 14

cover of issue #14, K9

Come to Your Senses 14 was published in May 1999 and is 201 pages long. The cover is by K9.

  • Crunch Time by Mercury 1
  • Annunciation by J.M. Griffin 12
  • Proclamation by J.M. Griffin 14
  • Role Playing by NovaD 16
  • The First Step by J.C. 37
  • Winning Isn't Everything by Gena Fisher 44
  • Built Ford Tough by Pumpkin 71
  • Talent by Grey 76
  • Rainy Days and Mondays by Mirenna 93
  • Mesothesis by Alleycat 100
  • Waiting by K. Ann Yost 138
  • The Morning After the Night Before by K9 147
  • Photographic Evidence by Annabelle Leigh 157 (At a crime scene, Jim finds evidence of Blair's youthful indiscretions, and it forces him to confront painful and long forgotten events from his own past, as well as to navigate his feelings for his Guide.)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 14

See reactions and reviews for Photographic Evidence.

Issue 15

cover of issue #15, Lyrade

Come to Your Senses 15 was published in September 1999 and is 209 pages long.

  • The Underlying Constant by J.C 1
  • Baby Steps by Nestra 15
  • Angel by R'rain 18
  • Mama by Rayden Star 30
  • An Ordinary Life by J.M Griffen 36
  • Back in Control by Pumpkin 48
  • Terms by Texas Ranger 53
  • Worried Man Blues by M.J 74
  • Timing by Alyjude 81
  • The Guide by James Ellison by Lisa, Duncan's Twin 96
  • The Cop Guide by Blair Sandburg by Lisa Duncan's Twin 99
  • The Concupiscent Guide Revealed by The Sentinel by Lisa Duncan's Twin 102
  • Dreamwalk by J.M Griffen 108
  • Taking the Cure by M.J 120
  • Bad Feeling by Grey 125
  • Walk This Way by Candy Apple 140 (Jim scores some coveted concert tickets and shares them with his roommate...romance ensues.)
  • Rapunzel by Bog 148
  • Surrogate by Annabelle Leigh 161 (My take on a favorite old standard. Blair discovers that Jim's senses are having an unfortunate effect on his sex life. He convinces his Sentinel that practicing with his Guide is the only way to solve the problem.)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 15

See reactions and reviews for Surrogate.
See reactions and reviews for An Ordinary Life.

Issue 16

cover of issue #16, K9

Come to Your Senses 16 was published in January 2000 and contains 201 pages. The cover is by K9.

  • The Power by J.C. 1
  • Like a Duck by J.M. Griffin 6
  • Golden Haze by Annabelle Leigh 7 (Blair has an extremely unusual dream while under the effect of the golden, but does Jim know what he was fantasizing about?)
  • Losing Control by Pumpkin 22
  • Another Rainy Night (With You) by SuzanLynne 27
  • Signs by Grey 31
  • Unspoken Words by Laura Leone 55
  • Hellhounds by J.M. Griffin 64
  • If Wishes Were Horses... by Debra Fran Baker 66
  • Winter Heart by J.M. Griffin 105
  • Reminiscences by Bluewolf 107 (Jim and Blair discuss their childhood.)
  • Reality Bites by M.J. 111
  • Lost Brotherhood by Lianne Burwell 119
  • Throwback by Valentin 142
  • The Golden Letter by Russet McMillan 148
  • Testing the Waters by Candy Apple 164 (Blair's assault leads to some meaningful revelations between himself and Jim. Can they find happiness? Will Blair's assault be avenged?)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 16

See reactions and reviews for Throwback.

Issue 17

cover of issue #17, K9, "Wish for the Moon"

Come to Your Senses 17 was published in May 2000 and is 201 pages long. The cover is by K9. Other art by JenCat004.

  • Observation Hides a Multitude of Sins by Leah S. (1)
  • We Need to Talk by Patt Paulos-Darrow (8)
  • The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner by Kit Mason (9)
  • Controlling Interest by Pumpkin (21)
  • The Calling by Grey (author's notes on the online posting: "Notes: This story survived zine limbo for almost three years. Though originally intended for SCARED SENSELESS 2, it was published in COME TO YOUR SENSES 17 by Mysti Frank instead.") (26)
  • Senses by Patt Paulos-Darrow (48)
  • Guardian Spirits by Nisa (49)
  • Strange Games by Voracity (51)
  • Bitchy and the Beast by Airelle (84)
  • 1,001 Words by Akablonded (90)
  • Poker Night by Patt Paulos-Darrow (109)
  • Naomi Nurtures by Gena Fisher (110)
  • Right Back Then by Elizabeth Gerber (115)
  • Two of Hearts by Nisa (128)
  • On Top by Patt Paulos-Darrow (128)
  • Who's the Sidekick? by Fire Frog (130)
  • The Highwayman by Toshua (134)
  • The Solitude and the Silence by Laura J. Valentine (146)
  • Memory and Void by Laura J. Valentine (150)
  • Darkness by Patt Paulos-Darrow (154)
  • Reaching Out by XFreak (155)
  • The Price is Right by Patt Paulos-Darrow (201)

Issue 18

cover of issue #18, K9

Come to Your Senses 18 was published in May 2000 and is 201 pages long. The cover is by K9.

  • Stephen Speculates by Gena Fisher 1
  • Growing by Jennifer Lyon 6
  • ..And Learning by Jennifer Lyon 13
  • Spirit Walk by Bluewolf 16 (Jim and Blair have lived many lives.)
  • The Redemption of William Minor by Laura J. Valentine 28
  • Ramblin' Blair by Patt Paulos-Darrow 30
  • The Mirror's Other Image by Candy Apple 31 (While trying to get some rest in the war-torn loft in the wake of Warren Chapel's visit, Jim and Blair come to a realization about their relationship.)
  • Smile in His Eyes by Patt Paulos-Darrow 34
  • Union by P.J. 35
  • Something Blue by Carmen 39
  • Golf Outing by Laura J. Valentine 54
  • A Garden of Wallflowers by Legion 57
  • Alternate Ending to A Garden of Wallflowers by Legion 64
  • The Power of Love by VampyrAlex 67
  • Learning to Walk by Nestra 91
  • Father by Rayden Star 96
  • Why by Patt Paulos-Darrow 101
  • The Blairwolf of London by M.J. 102
  • A Bird in the Hand by Kira 108
  • Home by JenCat004 122
  • Snowman by Geli 125
  • Not a Creature was Stirring by Dr. Seuss 135
  • Taste by Patt Paulos-Darrow 138
  • A Million Times by Mamoru 139
  • Shield by Toshua 176
  • Kiss the Cook by Sfscarlet 185
  • The Kiss by Jaxx 190

Issue 19

cover of issue #19, Karen River

Come to Your Senses 19 was published in May 2000 and contains 194 pages. The cover is by Karen River.

  • The Island of Apples by Bluewolf 1 (Jim is alone on a strange island.)
  • Hard-Working Sentinel by Patt Paulos-Darrow 6
  • A New Beginning by Barbara Nice-Miller 7
  • Jim's Thoughts by Patt Paulos-Darrow 17
  • Guppy Love by Timberwolf 18
  • A Blank Canvas by Taleya 34
  • Across the Field of Life by Lannieta 37
  • Pyrite by M.J. 42
  • Mornings With Jim by Patt Paulos-Darrow 57
  • Water Rises by Jane Mailander 58
  • As It was Meant to Be by Bluewolf 65
  • Mine by Patt Paulos-Darrow 74
  • In Command by Beck 75
  • In the Bullpen by Patt Paulos-Darrow 80
  • After Borneo by Tiger Moon 81
  • Rumors by Patt Paulos-Darrow 95
  • A Long Weekend by Bluewolf 96 (Jim goes off for a weekend's skiing.)
  • Avenging Prometheus by Gena Fisher 104

Issue 20

cover of issue #20, Lupe Backe -- " Portraits are faster to do since you don't have to set up a scenario from different sources. It came out rather nicely, I think, even though I was working fast to meet an extended deadline. I love colored pencils, they have all the ease of working with pencils but with the added bonus of color. --Colored pencils on Canson paper" [9]

Come to Your Senses 20 was published in February 2001 and is 193 pages long. The cover is by Lupe Backe. Other art by KOZ.

  • Energy by Caroline Quinn 1
  • 852 Prospect by Michelle Rosenberg 3
  • Circle by K. Ann Yost 4
  • 852 Prospect by Michelle Rosenberg 9
  • 30-Day Guarantee by Carmen 10
  • Last Supper by R'rain 18
  • Mr. Coffee by Owlet 20
  • On Offer by Elizabeth Lamond 21
  • 852 Prospect by Michelle Rosenberg 22
  • Three Wishes by Fire Frog 23
  • Pushy Bastards by Owlet 38
  • The Silver Torc by Corbeau 40
  • In the Space of One Heartbeat: Blair by Jedi Nic 84
  • In the Space of One Heartbeat: Jim by Jedi Nic 93
  • Yo Quiero Lo Mordito by Owlet 100
  • Never Gone by Aimee 103
  • Holding On to Now by Elizabeth Gerber 112
  • 852 Prospect by Michelle Rosenberg 130
  • Homecoming by Valaria 131
  • Stalking Blair by Banshee 137
  • Another Life by Bluewolf 139 (After Jim dies, Blair leaves Cascade. An AU story, spinning off some time after Reminiscences but before Sentinel Too.)

Issue 21

cover of issue #21, Karen River

Come to Your Senses 21 was published in 2001, contains 200 pages, and has a cover by Karen River.

  • 747 by Donna Jones 1
  • Look Here by Saraid 7
  • Secrets by Bluewolf 26 (Naomi tells Blair who his father is)
  • Chrysalis by Chrys 34
  • Two in the Bush by Kira 61
  • Best Laid Plans by Carmen 71
  • Time to Say Goodbye by Bluewolf 79 (An extortionist is putting pressure on a businessman in Cascade.)
  • Five Senses, Backwards by JenCat004 103
  • The Write Stuff by Caroline Quinn 106
  • Echo by Pink Dragon 120
  • Touchstone by Garnet 128
  • Asylum by Kira 135
  • A Kiss is Just a Kiss by Spacecadet 175
  • Sometimes I Feel by Valaria 177
  • Alone Tonight by Kyanoswolf 189
  • Written by Spyke 190

Issue 22

cover of issue #22, Robin McElfresh

Come to Your Senses 22 was published in February 2002 and contains 192 pages. The cover is by Robin McElfresh.

  • Pictionary Kings by Fire Frog 1
  • The Fox and the Eagle by Bluewolf 5 (Blair's spirit guide calls on him to help someone.)
  • The Cascade Caption Co. by Torra 30
  • Breathing Words Against My Skin by Pink Dragon 31
  • On the Ledge by Valaria 37
  • The Cascade Caption Co. by Torra 65
  • Questions by Barbara Thomas 66
  • Fire by VampyrAlex 70
  • Big Man on Campus by Gena Fisher 78
  • The Cascade Caption Co. by Torra 107
  • Between the Sea and the Sky by Garnet 108
  • The Cascade Caption Co. by Torra 118
  • Golden Boy by Akablonded 119
  • The Cascade Caption Co. by Torra 128
  • Flyers by J.M. Griffin 129
  • The New Broom by Bluewolf 147 ("Major Crimes gets a new Captain. I don't say this is a death story; I don't say it isn't. You decide." Another fan wrote an alternative ending to this story: Sweeps Clean.)
  • Fantasy Fulfilled by KAM 153
  • Seducing Sandburg by Dolimir 157
  • The Cascade Caption Co. by Torra 189

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 22

See reactions and reviews for Seducing Sandburg.

Issue 23

cover of issue #23, Karen River

Come to Your Senses 23 was published in February 2003 and contains 202 pages. Karen River is the cover artist.

  • Provocation by R. Dean Becker 1
  • Sunday Afternoon at the Loft by Jane Mailander 23
  • Do You Smell That? by Shamaness 24
  • Wrestling With It by Lily and Lisa, Duncan's Twin 27
  • Save Me by Dovya Blacque 34
  • Hang in There, Baby! by Jane Mailander 45
  • Sunday by LilyK 46
  • 852 Prospect by Michelle Rosenberg 50
  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Silk 51
  • 852 Prospect by Michelle Rosenberg 54
  • You Needed Me by Bluewolf 55 (Jim wakens one morning to discover that Blair has disappeared. Then Simon tells him that three months previously, he had thrown Blair out.)
  • 852 Prospect by Michelle Rosenberg 79
  • In the Game by Jantique 80
  • Outside the Storm by K. Ann Yost 85
  • Strands of Infinity by Kata Avalon 114
  • The Reality of It by Lily and Lisa, Duncan's Twin 120
  • Home by Deborah Wright 127 (The online version is called "Falling.")
  • The Cascade Caption Company by Torra Kimbul 138
  • Perfect by Shamaness 139
  • Two-Way Street by Aloysius 146
  • The Cascade Caption Company by Torra Kimbul 159
  • After Hours by KAM 160
  • The Cascade Caption Company by Torra Kimbul 165
  • Bury the Dead by Gena Fisher 166
  • Welcome to Cascade! by Jane Mailander 199

Issue 24

cover of issue #24, akablonded

Come to Your Senses 24 was published in April 2003 and contains 186 pages. The cover is by akablonded.

  • Head of a Match by Afropuff 1
  • When I am with You by Tinnean 7
  • Caught in the Moment by R. Dean Becker 29
  • Standing Outside the Fire by LilyK 38
  • Mortal City by Fatima Bronze 57
  • Expectations by Taleya 59
  • Semper Fides Custos by ALF 61
  • The Cascade Caption Company by Torra Kimbul 78
  • Another Mystery by Fatima Bronze 79
  • The Cascade Caption Company by Torra Kimbul 83
  • Moving On by Bluewolf 84 (After giving his press conference, Blair leaves to ensure Jim's safety.)
  • Uplift by Sheryl 109
  • The Cascade Caption Company by Torra Kimbul 118
  • A Matter of Honor by KAM 119
  • Another Heart by Carmen 179

Issue 25

Come to Your Senses 25 was published in October 2003 and contains 204 pages. Cover by Caren Parnes. Other art by Patt.

cover of issue #25, Caren Parnes

Issue 26

cover of issue #26, TM Alexander

Come to Your Senses 26 was published in May 2004 and contains 204 pages.

Issue 27

cover of issue #27, Lorraine Brevig

Come to Your Senses 27 was published in May 2004 and contains 194 pages. The cover is by Lorraine Brevig. Interior illos by Hill.

  • Spirit of Grace by Annie 1
  • Cascade Caption Company by Torra Kimbul 21
  • Sandman by KAM 22
  • Under the Table by Rawly 76
  • ...Is a Dish Best Served...Hot? by Marion 81
  • Cascade Caption Company by Torra Kimbul 101
  • Drowning by Arianna 102

Issue 28

Come to Your Senses 28 was published in May 2004 and contains 200 pages. The front cover is by TM Alexander. Interior art by KAM.

cover of issue #28, by TM Alexander
  • Defining Inaccurate Realities by Akilah 1
  • Game of Love by ALF 11
  • The Choice by Rawly 14
  • Back Where I Belong by Annie 23
  • Kittens by Nadja Lee 40
  • Mr. Ellison Sees the Light by Molly Mac 42
  • Jackpot by KAM 55
  • Uncommon Scents by Mice and Lady Jaguar 60
  • At the Bargaining Table by BuffyAngel68 79
  • Tasty Bites by Angelise 85
  • Serendipity by Marion 95
  • Fallen by Chris J. Ueberall 102
  • May I Become by Karasu 109
  • 1-900-SANDBURG by Lady Jaguar 144
  • Into the Dark by Nemesis 152


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