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You may be looking for the zine Alyjude or the Stargate SG-1 zine Sideburns.

Name: Alyjude
Alias(es): Sideburns (in SG-1/SGA), alyburns (on LJ), Allison
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: The Sentinel, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1
Communities: Stargate to Cascade (mailing list for SG/TS xovers)
Other: JD Divas
URL: TS story website, LJ as alyburns, fic only LJ as alysbasement
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Alyjude is a slash fanwriter. She writes as Alyjude in The Sentinel and as Sideburns in SG-1 and SGA. Her LJ pseud, alyburns, combines this to "alyburns".

She moderates Stargate to Cascade, a mailing list for SG/TS xovers and runs the Moonridge Online Auction together with Virginia Sky.

She worked on the Sentinel Slash Virtual Season and also gave this interview: see: Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with Alyjude.




Comments on Her Sentinel Fiction

alyjude is a very prolific writer and, despite her newer fascination with Stargate: SG-1, still very much involved in the Sentinel fandom. Her stories tend to be light-hearted, often fluffy, and the verbal exchanges between Jim and Blair are often written as banter. If you're in the mood for angst and drama, look elsewhere; if you want to smile (and perhaps search for some pretzels to throw), read her fiction.[1]

alyburns, a.k.a. alyjude in TS and sideburns in SG1, is both talented and amazingly prolific. What’s stunning to me is that she can write so much, from short pieces to long, across so many moods and themes from humor to angst, and never seems to repeat herself. Her stories are all slash, by the way.

I really enjoy the dynamic between her Jim and her Blair. She writes a smart, feisty, funny, earthy Blair, although she also shows him feeling pain and rejection and anger. And her Jim is big and warm, just like I like him, and with a full share of the imperfections that make him human, and more of a sense of humor than we sometimes see. Often there are pangs and chuckles in the same story, although in varying degrees. (There are also some food descriptions which really make my mouth water!) Since I’ve been wallowing in her TS, I haven’t even attempted to start in on her SG1 tales... Part of my tardiness [with this rec] is due to my foolish thought that I could pick just a very few of the stories I tend to go back to again and again to use them as samples of her range. Since this plan has turned into a seductive sort of quicksand, I’ll just name a couple of the many I seem addicted to (more of an ink-blot test of my emotional needs than a clinical overview of her work!). These should all be findable on both the newer 852 Prospect site and her own webpage. I’m particularly fond of “-30-” with its depiction of a Blair facing . . . and making . . . some changes when the Big Birthday hits. It has her trademark combination of pangs and warmth. When I want lots and lots of pangs before the pay-off, I go to “You’re Already Gone” (short) or “Polar Ice Caps” or “Future Tense” (both long). And if I need a bit of humor . . . well, lots of options! (And since attempting to pick titles here has led to several hours of detours into reading already, I'm going to quit and let people find their own way.)

She’s also contributed to SVS (Sentinel Virtual Season)....I’m saving this for when I have time to devote to it (this summer?), because there are three seasons listed, and I recognize a number of the names of authors of different parts. I suspect this will trigger even more exploration on my part of those different writers, so I’ll need the time. But those of you with more self-control are welcome to check it out now!

Although, as I’ve said, I haven’t yet delved into her SG1, she has a SG1/TS crossover series which I have indeed been enjoying.[2]


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