We Gather Together

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Title: We Gather Together
Publisher: AngelWings Press, Lionheart Distribution, Requiem Publications
Author(s): Alyjude
Cover Artist(s): Virginia Sky
Illustrator(s): Virginia Sky
Date(s): 2001
Series?: Jake Series
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by Virginia Sky

We Gather Together is a 214-page slash kidfic novel by Alyjude.

Colour cover and b/w interior artwork done by Virginia Sky

This novel takes place a month after Everything's Jake.



From the publisher:
Come celebrate Jake's first Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Christmas with Jake, Jim, Blair, Naomi, and Jake's extended family. Angst, h/c, love, and most of all, the joy of family, fills this zine. In the first part of this wonderful novel, a new case brings danger to Blair. In the second part, Jake gets more for Christmas than he ever believed he'd get - a miracle to a little boy!