Sideburns (Stargate SG-1 zine)

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Title: Sideburns
Publisher: Ancient's Gate
Date(s): fall 2013
Medium: print, CD, pdf
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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Sideburns is a collection of some of Sideburn's previously published online Stargate SG-1 fiction.

Fiction is here at Area 52 HKH.

Issue 1

Sideburns 1 was published in the fall of 2013. It contain 269 pages (101575 words). Art by Eilidh and JayEm.

cover of issue #1
  • Christmas Eve - Daniel thinks he's about to experience his last Christmas Eve...
  • In Memory Of Those Who Came Before - A very special event brings together old friends
  • Black and White - Jack decides that he and Daniel need to talk following Shades of Grey - and learns more than he bargained for... thank God
  • A Flash of Brilliance - Daniel's pissed, Teal'c offers advice, and Jack reaps the benefits.
  • Revolution - Following his return from Honduras, Daniel has a few things to get off his chest
  • A Life Lived - Daniel is the only one left at the SGC, but a horrific event quickly brings SG1 back together

Issue 2

Sideburns 2 was published in the winter of 2013. It contain 276 pages (97767 words). Art by Eilidh and JayEm.

cover of issue #2
  • Don't Open the Door - Daniel celebrates his first Halloween in his new home.
  • Halloween's Lonely Call - Takes place after Ex Deus Machina. Another Halloween, but Daniel isn't looking forward to this one. Something -- or someone -- is missing.
  • Soul Searching - SG-1 brings something back from a planet, Jack ponders God and the Devil, and it's All Hallows Eve.
  • A Christmas Green Cream Cake - George Hammond is giving a holiday party and Daniel takes Jack up on a dare.
  • Puff, The New Year Cream - An injured member of SG-1 must spend New Year's in the Infirmary and another member decides that he won't be alone.
  • There's No Place Like Home - This is an AU version of Season 9. Written 100% for myself. Also, was written before knowing about the Ori yet my baddies are very close. I made a couple of changes based on the opening of Avalon.
  • The Meaning of Christmas - It's Christmas, SG-1 has just returned from a very successful mission, and Daniel realizes he's bought no gifts yet.
  • The Meaning of Christmas 2: The Gift - The holidays without Daniel.
  • A Walk in the Park - Just before Christmas, Daniel takes a walk in the park. and finds the courage he needs.

Issue 3

Sideburns 3 was published in winter 2014. It contains 252 pages, 95977 words. Art by Sideburns, Eilidh and JayEm.

cover of issue #3
  • A Man Called Daniel - After a day at the Academy with the rest of his team, Daniel finds everything he ever wanted
  • Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me - A lightning strike as SG-1 enters a Stargate sends two members home, but one member ends up... elsewhere.

Novella length.

  • Servi1XY - SG-1 is taken prisoner and Jack bargains for their eventual release. Only problem is -- Daniel isn't a soldier and thus, not allowed to remain with Jack and the rest of SG-1. Uh-oh. And uhm, Sam learns a few things about herself later on. Possible non-con warning. Novel length.

Issue 4

Sideburns 4 was published in winter 2014. It contains 229 pages, 92229 words. Art by Sideburns, Eilidh and JayEm.

cover of issue #4
  • Living Forever - Jack and Daniel discuss the end - and beginnings
  • Sulja - boring planet, bored General O'Neill goes along and finds his 'sulja'
  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - "I'm not happy. I think we should break up."
  • Chasing the Years - Jack makes choices throughout his life and chases something elusive
  • A Shot In The Dark - Jack can't believe Daniel understands. Typical.
  • A Small Flirtation - General Jack O'Neill accompanies SG-1 off world. Sam gives Daniel a ticket on the clue bus and Jack punches it

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

[The Long and Winding Yellow Brick Road]: In this lovely gem of a story, Sideburns takes us on a re-write of Season 7 in which Daniel isn’t doing as well as the show portrays him after descension. The places that Ms. Burns takes Daniel just brings a lump to the throat. The extremely angsty first fourth of this story makes the love journey between Jack and Daniel all the more heartwarming in my humble opinion. What I especially loved was the hard time Daniel had reconciling Doctor Daniel Jackson and just plain old Daniel. When Daniel broke the mirror and trashed his apartment, I had tears streaming down my cheeks. Just very angsty stuff!! And yet, by the end, the reader has a sense that Daniel’s found a balance with Jack’s and his friend’s help. [1]

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Sideburns 5 was published in December 2014 and contains a single novel called "A Lifetime." It has 230 pages (93457 words). The art is by Sideburns, Eilidh and JayEm.

Summary: Daniel - the separation of him from his teammates and trying to find a way to defeat Anubis.

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

Sideburns 6 was published in 2015. It contains 263 pages, 98479 words. Art by Eilidh and JayEm.

  • A Long Day's Journey in a Line - Jack and Daniel are in line for Avalanche tickets and Daniel decides to have some fun, the little spacemonkey
  • Oh Joy - Daniel wakes up and doesn't know where he is, but he isn't alone
  • Dreams by Daylight - Daniel thinks about his daydreams and where they might lead
  • Dreams of a Life Lived - Jack ponders his dreams
  • Dream No More - Jack and Daniel find that they no longer need to dream about what they want in life.
  • What Was Once Broken - On a friendly planet, Jack is in danger and only Daniel can save him
  • The Course of True Love - Daniel's feeling less like a welcomed descended being and more like wallpaper. A trip to a new planet opens eyes for all concerned
  • A Day in the Life of a Briefing - Title says it all
  • Fall To Heaven - Um... Daniel descends. Duh
  • Dinner With Janet - Daniel has an interesting conversation with his friend over dinner

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

Sideburns 7 was published in May 2016 and contains 273 pages (102159 words). Art by Sideburns and JayEm.

  • Comedy of Errors - Worlds collide when Daniel Jackson visits Cascade, Washington. Things will never be the same
  • Measure for Measure - Jim and Blair join Jack and Daniel at Cheyenne Mountain when it's discovered that perhaps only Jim's special abilities can help with critical offworld negotiations.
  • Taming Of The Shrew - Jack and his new SG1 find themselves in a battle for survival even as they discover new things about themselves.
  • Nevermore - Part 4/Standalone in Shakespeare universe


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