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Name: MamaDeb
Alias(es): Debra Fran Baker
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Voyager, X-Files, Sentinel, Highlander, Star Wars, Due South, Harry Potter, Torchwood, Sports Night, SGA, Discworld, Smallville, DC Comics
URL: personal site (Debra Fran Baker's Fan Fiction)
mamadeb and mamadebfic on LiveJournal
mamadeb on AO3
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MamaDeb is a longtime media and general science fiction fan who has also written under the name Debra Fran Baker.


MamaDeb began writing fanfiction in about sixth grade, and began writing slash (for Starsky and Hutch) in high school. She posted her first story, for Star Trek: Voyager in 1997, upon which she joined a Chakotay/Paris mailing list, the CPSP (Chakotay/Paris Slash Party).

Soon after, she joined X-Files fandom, taking advantage of crossovers and the switch from Friday to Sunday nights. Her primary focus there was Mulder/Skinner, with some Mulder/Krycek.

In 1998, she began reading, and then watching and then, finally, writing in the Sentinel and joining Senad as well as the #senslash chatroom, where she made many close friends. This, in turn, led to Highlander and Due South, and eventually to Livejournal in fall of 2001.

This is also where she began writing a series of "birthday stories."

She continues to be an active reader in many fandoms, and still writes on occasion.

Notable works

  • Sweetcheeks - a Sentinel AU series in which Jim is a queen and Blair struggles to come to terms with his partner's gender expression[1]


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