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Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Alternative name(s): Chakotay/Paris, C/P
Gender category: Slash, M/M
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: one of two main slash pairings in the fandom
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Chakotay/Paris is the slash pairing of Chakotay and Tom Paris in Star Trek: Voyager fandom.

They are an enemyslash pairing and most of their dynamic comes directly from the pilot episode. These two have history that ended with Paris in prison and Chakotay believing him to be an untrustworthy opportunist and a traitor. Most of the C/P fanfic deals with how wrong, wrong, wrong Chakotay is about that and that he is doing Paris injustice.

The pilot shows Chakotay as stubborn and that he would be willing to die before accepting help from Paris. Paris is equally stubborn and forces him to accept his help anyway. He is walking the path of redemption and trying to gain Chakotay’s trust and friendship. In fanfic this most often works out in angsty h/c slash and sometimes there is a bit of a D/s dynamic to their relationship.

The chain of command is often a reason why Chakotay tries not to act on his attraction to Paris and Paris has to break down Chakotay’s walls. Paris usually has a dark past, shadowed in abuse and secrets, and Chakotay is the one who helps him heal and move on. Past trauma generally involves prison rape, prostitution, and an abusive father. (That is true for Paris gen and het fic as well.)



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