CPR: The Chakotay/Paris Realm

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Name: CPR: The Chakotay/Paris Realm
Type: Chakotay/Paris website
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
URL: http://cprealm.iwarp.com/
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CPR: The Chakotay/Paris Realm is a C/P fansite with fanfiction, pictures, summaries of recommended Star Trek:Voyager episodes for C/P fans, links, and associated mailing lists. CPR is a member of the Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring and a sister site to the femslash site The Valkyrie for Xena and Star Trek: Voyager subtext.

The stories archived at the Chakotay/Paris Realm are by Layla V, Mystic, Morticia, T'Pam, KayTrek, AbyKitten, and Jeanette Kofoed.