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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Karahkwa's Fan Fics
Author: Karahkwa
Dates: 14 June 2001 or before - present
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager, DS9, TNG, Andromeda, Highlander, Pretender, X-Files, Mag7, CSI: NY
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/nm/karahkwa/fanfics.html
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Karahkwa's Fan Fics was a personal fanfiction site. It was a memer of the The Chakotay/Kim(/Other) Ring, the Forbidden Luv webring, and the Star Trek Slash Ring.

It was linked at CPR: The Chakotay/Paris Realm as a site with C/K and C/P Voyager slash,[1]

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I recently came across a website (RatB) that had a challenge called “Understanding Slash.” The prompt is: write a description of what your personal relationship with slashfic is. It goes on to place no limits on what’s be addressed. The question is one I see way to often for slash writers and I find myself compelled to try to answer it.

Why do I write slash? Why would a girl raised in the Southwest (USA) with more of less traditional values and who attends a private Christian college write slash? [...]

Chakotay/Paris was the first fics I ever read. In fact, it was Mona Ramsey because she was the first link of the CPSG links page. It was… incredible. I saw characters in ways I never had before. My entire view of Voyager changed.

Over the last three years, I’ve gone on to other fandoms and pairings, but I still come back to C/P when I want to read something. It’s not the pairing I write, and I know it’s not really the most popular, but I enjoy it and that’s what matters. [...]

So why to I write slash, specifically and almost exclusively? Several reasons come to mind. [...] I have work harder to write slash. Characters and plots are more developed because it’s more difficult to make something plausible when we all know that it would never happen on air. Thirdly, I enjoy it. I get to imagine two sexy men being caring and affectionate [...] and I can control it. I think control is an issue. You can’t control real people, but you can characters and that can go to your head.

I’m not the kind of person you expect to see writing slash. [...] I don't know if I answered any great question here, or if I really should have to, but I know it feels good putting my thoughts and emotions down. And maybe that's why I write slash.[2]

Star Trek Voyager

  • The Secrets Series - AU series that revolves around Chakotay's "dirty little secret."
  • Reflections -(K/7) Chakotay contemplates his relationships with his crewmates after seeing Harry and Seven get together.
  • Whiskey Memories -(C/Pish) Chakotay reacts to Tom's kidnapping during "Investigations."
  • Advice -(Gen) Chakotay gives and recieves some good advise.
  • Getting Worse - Just a dialogue.
  • White Ceiling - A rant from my insomnia period.
  • Questions and Secrets - Too short for summary.
  • Lost - Challenge Response
  • Voyager's in a Hurry - (Gen) Just another day in the Delta Quadrant. Written with T'Yanna.
  • Any Tom, Every Tom - (C/P) A Little adventure with a female Q leads to the discovery of a soulmate. Written with T'Yanna.
  • In Search of a Spark - AU, Set in Season Three, Matchmaker, Matchmaker... Written with T'Yanna and Yelsha.


  • Hallucinations-(C/K) Karahkwa's hallucinating.
  • The Unloved Series( C/K) Rated NC-17 for adult situations
Uninterrupted Sleep - A late night discovery leads to a dream come true.
Unwanted Memories - Chakotay and Harry have a few things to work out before they can get together.
Unrealistic Dreams - Things are still not perfect in Chakotay and Harry’s relationship but it’s getting better.
Unanswered Wishes - Is the road to love ever smooth? Chakotay and Harry have yet another bump to get over.
Unforgettable Lessons - This is the continuation of the date in Unanswered Wishes.
Unquestioning Acceptance - Janeway’s birthday party plus a little time alone for Harry and Chakotay.
Unbeleivable Questions - Harry asks some questions.
Unloved - Time to prove their devotion. And it’s not as easy as they think.
Unfulfilled Needs - Wedded bliss can be hard to come by especially when something seems to be missing.
Unexpected Joys - It’s time for Chakotay and Harry’s family to grow.
Untroubled Paradise - How do Harry and Chakotay deal with the damper the kids put on their sex-life?
Uncelebrated Days - Not all celebrations are on holidays.
Undeniable Strength - Chakotay has doubts. Harry clears things up.
Unshared Pain - Is physical pain worse than emotional pain? Chakotay and Harry find out.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  • The Right One Series (rated NC-17 for adult situations)
Not the Right Night--(B/ED, B/JS)Jake and Julian learn the importance of timing.
Not the Right Words--(Sequel to NtRN)Julian and Jake talk only it doesn't go as either of them had planned.
Not the Right Place--(Sequel to NtRW)Julian and Jake resolve things, sort of.
The Right Place--(Sequel to NtRP)A little romance for Julian and Jake.
The Right Words--(Sequel to TRP)Julian and Jake’s relationship is progressing…
The Right Night--(Sequel to TRW)Julian and Jake find several surprises waiting for them on their six-month anniversary.
The Right One--(Sequel to TRN, Series Conclusion)Snippets of a long life filled with love.


The Answer is in the Stars - (D/T) Rommie does some matchmaking.


The Hex -(Gen)Taking the head of a witch has more consequences than Duncan realizes.


Birthdays and Boredom - (Gen) Response to a challenge on the PretenderFic ONElist.

Star Trek: the Next Generation

  • bIjeghbe'chugh vaj bIHegh - (NC-17, W/R)A PWP


Magnificent Seven

  • First Moves - Who will make the first move towards love and happiness?


  • Last One - (PG, Danny/Mac) Danny muses.


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