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Name: RatB - Red and the Black Mulder/Krycek slash
Archivist: The Theban Band
Type: Mulder/Krycek slash
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: http://www.squidge.org/ratb/ratb.htm
http://www.squidge.org/terma/ (early RatB version when it still had the TER/MA URL)
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RatB is a Mulder/Krycek slash archive associated with the RatB-K mailing list. It follows in the tradition of MKRA and TER/MA and became the main Mulder/Krycek archive when its predecessor TER/MA changed hands from 'tite chatte, Endymion, and Rowanne to The Theban Band.

The word Terma was still part of the URL but the archive got a new layout and the name RatB.

Once a Thief fanfiction and Skinner/Krycek slash had their own index pages until the archive split up in three specialized archives in July 2003[1] and RatB focused on M/K, crossovers and Krycek/Other slash. For a peek at what the archive looked before the split go here. The name RatB is short for Red and the Black, a two-parter in season five where Krycek helps Mulder rediscover the faith in his beliefs and where he kisses Mulder on the cheek. The episodes were some of most influential episodes with regard to M/K slash and the name can also be read as short for Ratboy, Krycek's nickname in fandom.


As you can guess we`re back to Krycek, whom I love. RatB or Red and the Black, hosts M/K slash from a variety of excellent authors. Great place which, sadly, isn`t updated nearly as often as I would want it to.[2]

The Red and the Black is an essential link for any lover of slash invloving Krycek. It started with just M/K, but now there's a Sk/K section too:) The Theban Band also have their residence there, producing some of the neatest Nick Lea doctored photo's on the web.[3]


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