The Blanketfort's Fic Rec Page

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Recommendation Website
Name: The Blanketfort's Fic Rec Page
Reccer(s): Lime, Gargs, and Ryo
Focus: slash, yaoi
Fandom: Eroica, Gundam Wing, Smallville, Supernatural, X-Files

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The Blanketfort's Fic Rec Page is fanfiction recommendation site.

Fics (and fic sites) are arranged by fandom, and then author. Fandom sites, fic archives, and sites with fics by multiple authors (what's the difference between this and fic archives? I'm not telling) are collected under "general sites" according to each fandom. Pairings are listed, but not with any attention to seme/uke... So if you see something like 1x2 in the GW sec, that means the pairing is Duo and Heero, but not that Heero is seme to Duo's uke or vice versa. It could be either way or both. So, dive in, and don't complain to us if you end up not liking our picks! Ask lime... it's ALWAYS dangerous to take my recs on anything that I've only read once... Muwahahahaaaa!