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Name: TER/MA, Truly Erotic Ratboy slash Mulder Association
Date(s): 1999 - 2000 (tripod.com)

2000 - 2008 (squidge.org)

2008 - today (ditb.com)
Archivist: The Theban Band, current version preserved by alice ttlg
Founder: Endymion (aka Rowanne), 'tite chatte
Type: M/K slash archive
Fandom: The X-Files, OaT
URL: TER/MA (05/1999, wayback)

TER/MA (2000-2008, wayback) http://www.ditb.org/terma/

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TER/MA archive banner by The Theban Band

TER/MA, short for Truly Erotic Ratboy slash Mulder Association, was the main Mulder/Krycek slash archive after MKRA and before RatB. The archive name was a play on the fourth season episodes Tunguska/Terma, two of the most influential episodes with regard to Mulder/Krycek slash fanfiction, and Ratboy was the fannish nickname for Krycek.[1]

The page was an author archive and the oldest update that is accessible via Wayback is from April 1999. The authors were members of the Truly Erotic Ratboy slash Mulder Association and the author pages sometimes included other Krycek slash or slash with other characters played by Nick Lea.

When the page changed hands from 'tite chatte and Endymion to The Theban Band, the website moved as well. The word Terma was still part of the URL but the archive got a new layout, a new name (RatB), and Once a Thief fanfiction and Skinner/Krycek slash got their own index pages.

In July 2003 the archive was split up in several more specialized archives.[2] RatB became the main Mulder/Krycek archive (including crossovers and Krycek/Other), WArm thoughts the main Skinner/Krycek archive, The Agency the main Once a Thief archive and TER/MA once again became the author archive but was no longer updated and was later preserved by alice ttlg.

In January 2018 it was announced that TER/MA would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project[3]. The import was completed in September 2020. 901 works from 47 fandoms can now be found in the Ao3 collection.


In the early years there were themed monthly challenges that were not so different from fanfic challenges today. Rentboys, handcuffs, malfunctioning sex toys, crossdressing, badfic, Mary Sues, personal ads or AU premises like 1001 Alexian Nights - if it was a popular trope or just seemed like a good idea, it became a challenge. Often the challenges were accompanied by Theban Band manips as a source of inspiration and sometimes the challenge was to write something based on a particular manip.

TER/MA archive banner by The Theban Band (1999)

However, one particular challenge, The Understanding Slash Challenge, was very different because of its meta nature. In May 1999 Rowanne issued the following challenge:

This challenge is brought about by three different influences. First, a recent discussion with an author brought up the fact that people have very differing views on what slash is and how it is viewed. Second, I was very impressed with a recent member's story of how she became interested in slash. Lastly, I have a minor in anthropology and a natural curiosity about cultural phenomena, which I think the slash genre is.
That said, this month's challenge is to write a description of what your personal relationship with slashfic is. This can include whatever you feel appropriate—your history with it, what you think the definition of slash is, how you think the public views slash, how you think various actors/actresses view slash, how open you are about being a slash fan with others, including your friends, coworker, family etc... You might also include information about your demographic background like education, nationality, sexuality, employment, age, and experiences.[4]

39 people responded and the archived responses give a valuable insight into what people thought about the genre at that point in time.

How other sites describe it

One of my all time favourite sites TER/MA or the Truly erotic Ratboy/Mulder Association, has one of the best selections of authors you could hope to find. One of the sites that sadly no longer updates nearly as often as they used to but it still has hours of great reading.[5]


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