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Synonyms: Skippy
See also: X-Files terminology
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Ratboy was the most common fannish nickname for Alex Krycek, though he was never called that in any of the episodes. Other fannish nicknames include Skippy, Weasel and Weaselboy, none of which ever approached the popularity of "Ratboy."

The name arose because of the difficulty fans on the usenet group alt.tv.x-files had remembering how to spell 'Krycek'.

The fame of the nickname Ratboy made it back to TPTB. In the X-files homage episode of Once a Thief, the Mulder impersonator snapped, "Don't call me Spooky, Ratboy" to Nick Lea's character.

Note: Even more so than most popular fannish shows, X-Files had a fairly dense set of nicknames, acronyms, nearly-impenetrable in-jokes and hard-to-remember initialisms -- it also invented some that have become part of larger media fandom, such as UST for Unresolved Sexual Tension.

Websites referring to the nickname are for example the RATales Archive for fanfiction featuring Alex Krycek and the RatB archive for Mulder/Krycek slash.